Asia International & Japan 4

SHIDAX / 6/14 Thu 20:00-21:50
LAFORET / 6/15 Fri 17:50-19:40
Special Screening

little lamb

Naoto Kumazawa/08:43/Japan/Thriller/2018

A girl visits her younger sister’s apartment and realizes that the door is open. She sees a stranger in the room and her younger sister is missing. Worried and suspicious, the girl blames the stranger. Who is this stranger, and where is her sister? A psychological mystery about two characters in a closed room.


Rishi Chandna/13:55/India/Documentary/2017

A short documentary that observes a week in the peculiar lives of a middle-class suburban Mumbai household, when an eccentric patriarch and his family consider killing and eating their hell-raising pet rooster, so that they can reclaim their normal lives.


Yurugu Matsumoto/15:47/Japan/Drama/2018

Saki receives a sudden phone call from a pay phone. The call was from her father who lives far away. Eventually, the two of them reunite and exchange their feelings, both in a clumsy way. This is a story about one ordinary night for an ordinary parent and daughter.

A Branch of a Pine Is Tied up

Tomoyasu Murata/16:33/Japan/Animation/2017

Twins are separated from each other during a tsunami. A snow globe connects the present and past. The deceased regain memories that come and go. When the sun and moon cross, the past and present connect. A rabbit leads a girl who regains her memories to an underworld.

The homecomingday

Hoyoon Hwang/19:21/South Korea/Comedy/2017

Junoh has graduated from university but is jobless. One night he is invited to a dinner party by his university club. Excited, he goes to the party.

SHIDAX / 6/14 Thu 20:00-21:50
LAFORET / 6/15 Fri 17:50-19:40