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LAFORET / 6/13 wed 15:40-17:30
SHIDAX / 6/16 sat 17:50-19:40

A Gold Friend

Ruben Vandenborre/11:50/Belgium/Drama/2017

Victor is an outsider who’s having trouble finding his place in the world. He has no friends, until the day he buys a goldfish, without his father’s consent. Will father discover his new friend? How is Victor going to react? A story of friendship and solitude, attachment and letting go.


Ben Someck/14:40/USA/Drama/2017

Dan's morning walk goes awry when his dog disappears. His decisions and the events that follow complicate his life in mysterious ways.


Marianne Farley/19:09/Canada/Drama/2017

An aging woman and her nurse develop a friendship that inspires her to unearth unacknowledged longing and thus help her make peace with her past.

Best Game Ever

Kristóf Deák/19:48/Hungary/Sci-Fi/2018

When two CCTV technicians find out about an AI machine threatening their jobs, they must get out of their chairs to beat the system - leading them to an unexpected solution.

About the Birds And the Bees

J.J Vanhanen/12:02/Finland/Comedy/2017

A quiet farmer father and his son set out on a trip to the pharmacy after the teen has a little accident with his girlfriend.

LAFORET / 6/13 wed 15:40-17:30
SHIDAX / 6/16 sat 17:50-19:40