Asia International & Japan 5

SHIDAX / 6/14 Thu 15:40-17:30
LAFORET / 6/16 Sat 20:00-21:50


Hiroya Taka/13:20/Japan/Horror/2017

“PHANTOM COLLECTOR” is about a popular smart phone app amoung young people called “FANCOLE”. The aim is to search for ghosts in haunted places, and capture them by taking a photo of them. But there's an urban legend; if you take a picture of a real ghost, you will die.

Where are fatty pigeons come from?

Yeonjeong Lee/03:20/South Korea/Drama/2017

GiGi tries to resolve her feelings of jealousy and hatred with a ridiculous plan.
But James doesn’t return her love. I hope the viewer who watches this film will
think of the weird green-haired woman as a cute character.

Nanami Kawakami The ACTRESS

Keitaro Sakon/12:50/Japan/Drama/2017

Nanami Kawakami is brought back to an old memory of her and her ex-boyfriend during the shoot of a film she starred in. This story illustrates Nanami Kawakami committing to her acting career in a mix of her “Present” “Past” and “Future”.


Yudho Aditya/21:30/Indonesia/Drama/2017

In a time of great expectation and pressure stemming from the traditions of his upbringing, Aris-a gay Muslim teenager living in rural Indonesia-finds himself increasingly drawn to his well-traveled English teacher.

2017 avex digital AWARD Winner


Minami Goto/24:59/Japan/Drama/2018

Yuta is a high school student living in Shizuoka, Japan. His strong sense of justice makes his school life torture. Only certain students are given special treatment, teachers enforce useless rules, and students just go along with it... To change the situation, he rebels against the system by causing mischief around the school. One day, Yuta, together with four disgruntled friends, devise a plan to take over the grade assembly.

SHIDAX / 6/14 Thu 15:40-17:30
LAFORET / 6/16 Sat 20:00-21:50