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SPACE O 6/9 sat 11:20-13:10
iTSCOM / 6/24 sun 15:40-17:30


Kazuhito Takazawa/22:30/Japan/Non-Fiction/2017

Obusemachi is the smallest town in Nagano prefecture, Japan. Community development of Obusemachi started 30 years ago with the concept of comfortable living, and making its residents proud to live in the town. As a result, the previously sleepy village transformed into a sightseeing spot. Around 1 million people visit the town of approximately 10 thousand residents per year. This documentary focuses on the lovely people of Obusemachi and the key players who shape the community.


Mark Chapman/13:05/UK/Non-Fiction/2016

Camrex House is a notorious homeless hostel that for 40 years has upheld a fearsome reputation. Its skewed, in-house morality perpetuated by men with complex histories. Based on interviews with hostel residents, CAMREX constructs a series of unflinchingly visceral sequences that reveal a hidden world of untold stories.

One Eightieth of Zhang Tianyi

Shuhan Fan/19:14/USA, China/Non-Fiction/2016

When Zhang Tianyi graduates from the most prestigious law school in China in 2014, he is one of 8 million young Chinese who are competing for new jobs. To stand out, Zhang Tianyi makes an outrageous career choice. He opens a small restaurant in Beijing to sell spicy rice noodles in the style of his hometown in Hunan. But, as he states, the rice noodles are just a medium to deliver his philosophy of individual empowerment.

Nominee for the 85th(2015) Academy Awards® Documentary-Short Subject
Special Screening

Our Curse

Tomasz Śliwiński/27:00/Poland/Non-Fiction/2013

Our Curse is the director's personal story about himself and his wife as they learn to live with their newborn son Leo's rare medical condition.

SPACE O 6/9 sat 11:20-13:10
iTSCOM / 6/24 sun 15:40-17:30