Asia International & Japan 1

LAFORET / 6/15 Fri 11:20-13:10
SHIDAX / 6/16 Sat 20:00-21:50


Feng-I Fiona Roan/15:30/USA, Taiwan/Drama/2017

Fen navigates her first Sunday at a Chinese-American church alongside her worrisome mom and clingy younger sister Ann. Embarrassed by her un-American look, Fen betrays her younger sister on their first day at church, fueling an unprecedented outburst since their immigration.


Kana Yamada/24:45/Japan/Drama/2017

A girl calls her ex-boyfriend in Shinjuku. When she realizes that he doesn’t pick up his phone, she tries to barge her way into his house. The lock has been changed, so she decides to climb the fence to enter from the window…Life can be really tough. But we have to move on. An anthem for invincible girls.

Iron hands

Johnson Cheng/11:00/China, USA/Drama/2017

As a 12-year-old girl prepares for her Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting team try-outs, she makes an unlikely connection with the gym's reclusive Groundskeeper.

Special Screening

The Mayor's New Clothes

Hiroyuki Shintani/20:52/Japan/Drama/2018

Ohno jokingly ran for mayor of the town and he actually won. He is invited to a conference organized by the city to announce an official coat by a famous designer. But nobody can see the coat... A remake of "The Emperor's New Clothes", which shows how politeness can cover shame, vanity and stupidity.

LAFORET / 6/15 Fri 11:20-13:10
SHIDAX / 6/16 Sat 20:00-21:50