International 8

SHIDAX / 6/13 wed 15:40-17:30
LAFORET / 6/15 fri 20:00-21:50


Omri Levy/13:00/Israel/Drama/2017

On a dark night a man and a woman confront each other. He's the outlaw and she's the Sheriff, and their encounter inevitably becomes a crash.

My Son

María Zinn/9:45/Bolivia/Drama/2018

A humble mother from the periphery of Bolivia makes the most difficult decision for the future of her disabled son. This docu-ficcion shortcut works with non-actors who have actually undergone through this difficult experience themselves, recreating their own story.


Michael Podogil/17:01/Austria/Drama/2017

A young couple in love experiences an evening of theater that changes their lives dramatically. A brutal confrontation with the zeitgeist.

Eat Your Principles

Ana Garcia Rico/17:08/UK/Drama/2017

A misanthropic man is given one final chance of integration into the surrounding community through the naive benevolence of an avian friend.

Ato San Nen

Pedro Collantes/25:00/France, Spain/Comedy/2018

Marisa is a widow who lives alone in a small countryside village, with the only company of her dog: Tico. One day, Marisa and Tico receive the unexpected visit of Hiroshi, a Japanese gentleman who claims to be friends with Marisa’s son. Despite not having a common language, Hiroshi and Marisa make efforts to communicate with each other.

SHIDAX / 6/13 wed 15:40-17:30
LAFORET / 6/15 fri 20:00-21:50