Asia International & Japan 10

SHIDAX / 6/13 Wed 13:30-15:20
LAFORET / 6/14 Thu 17:50-19:40


Xaisongkham Induangchanthy/18:55/Laos/Drama/2017

A Lao American young man, James, brings his father’s ashes to Laos to fulfill his father's last wish – to return home. His mom keeps telling him to stay away from the relatives in a village to avoid being asked for money. He stays in a city until a stupa to house his father’s remains is built. One day, James' relative, Joi, travels to town to look for him. Two young men travel together on the Mekong river and have to endure each other’s differences.


Seiji O'Hara/17:45/Japan/Animation/2017

A man wakes up because he hears a voice calling for him. When he opens his eyes, he finds a troubled young man in front of him. The young man says he is his child. He wakes up in 3022, which is 1000 years later. The ancestor is forcibly summoned to give advice to the young man.

Last Lie

Yusaku Okamoto/11:27/Japan/Drama/2018

A convenience store is rampaged. Directed by the criminal, Hiroto goes to the scene of the crime and realizes that the hostage is his wife. The criminal’s intent is uncertain, merely telling Hiroto not to lie in order to have her released. He accepts the condition, but his questions are completely unexpected.

Happy Mother's day

Li-Ling Hsieh/19:53/Taiwan/Drama/2017

Upon discovering that her mother hung herself on the day she prepares to celebrate Mother’s Day with her little sister, as her father makes travel plans with his new wife, she suppresses her horror and continues preparing the celebration dinner with her little sister.


Ritesh Batra/08:15/India/Drama/2014

MASTERCHEF is the story of Akhil, an 11 year old boot polish boy who pliea the street corners, walkways and railway platforms on Mumbai, polishing shoes for a living. One day at a new working spot he befriends two other boot polish boys who tell him about a regular client - a celebrity - TV’s favorite Masterchef. And Akhil goes on an internal journey to through his past, his aspirations, and his self doubt. Until he finally finds a place within himself where he can keep his dreams alive.

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