CG Animation Program 2

CG 2
SPACE O / 6/10 Sun 13:30-15:20
SHIDAX / 6/15 Fri 20:00-21:50

Little Thief of Time

Stefanie Fies & Gero Eckhardt/08:03/Germany/Animation/2017

Somewhere in endless air space two best friends are sitting on a floating cliff: a little girl and an old, invalid flamingo. Movement around them has ground to a halt as the girl has locked up time in a leaky preserving jar to prevent the flamingo from dying…

Director : Stefanie Fies & Gero Eckhardt

Gero Eckhardt
Stuttgart-based digital artist Gero Eckhardt works as a freelance compositor and 3D generalist.
He first served his apprenticeship as an audio-visual designer and then entered the Institute of Animation at the Filmakademie Baden- Wuerttemberg, which he finished with his diploma degree in 2017.

Stefanie Fies
Freelance journalist, media artist, shepherd and telephonist for French wine. Studies in scriptwriting at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, diploma 2017. Currently represented by the independent authors’ publishing house Verlag der Autoren.

SPACE O / 6/10 Sun 13:30-15:20
SHIDAX / 6/15 Fri 20:00-21:50