Ibaraki Short Film Award

SPACE O / 6/10 / Sun



Ibaraki is the number 1 least attractive prefecture in Japan. Hiroki works at the prefectural office. He asks his childhood friend Shiori, who works at an advertising company, to make a promotion video to change the negative image of Ibaraki. While they argue about the kind of video they will make, Hiroki’s imagination runs wild. A parallel world expands beyond space and time.

Director : Ark

ArK consists of A.T. and Yuichi Kondo. A.T. is mainly active as a director for commercials and short films. His first feature film “CUTIE HONEY –TEARS-“ was released in theaters in 2016. Yuichi Kondo currently works on CG and VFX, and his film “Sora kara kita tenkousei” was screened in movie theaters in 2013.

SPACE O / 6/10 / Sun