Short Shorts Film Festival 2002

Screening films from various countries

In three years, American Short Shorts has drawn crowds of more than 60,000. In its 4th year, the Committee broadened the festival's programming goals, dropping "American" from the title, and endeavored to bring Japan the best of the world 's short films and to create a truly global meeting place for professionals and fans of next generation entertainment.

53 countries, 1056 submissions

Number of submissions reached 1,056 entries from 53 countries and 54 films from 21 countries were selected.

The Short Shorts Film Festival Comes to Hollywood, !

SSFF was held in Hollywood for two days, May 14th and 15th. at the historic Egyptian Theatre. Members of the film industry and film enthusiasts of all kinds showed up to witness one of the largest short film festivals in Asia.

This special screening event, on the basis of a successful tour Singapore was supported and sponsored in part by the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, the Japan Foundation and the American Cinematheque. During the two days of screenings, audiences and media alike got the chance to see some of the best short films from around the world, including the international premiere of three short films from Japan.

6 Cities, 8 Venues

The festival toured 7 cities across Japan--Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Naha, Okinawa, Miyakojima, and Matsumoto--and was broadcasted via satellite on Pay Per View Japan. Short Shorts also celebrated its second year in Singapore at the Substation and its inaugural event in Hollywood at the Egyptian Theatre.

Jane Campion, Ethan Hawke

A special feature of 2002 was Jane Campion’s shorts in honor of her 20-years of filmmaking. Her 1982 Cannes Palme d'Or winning "Peel" and "Passionless Moments" were program cornerstones, as well as a film by Academy Award® nominated actor Ethan Hawke, who made his directorial debut with the short "Straight to One".

Innovative Special Programs

The Short Shorts Film Festival established a special program, the "Sports Shorts", a collection of films focused on athletics. These special films ranged from a nostalgic drama about Pele's early years in Brazil to a thought-provoking story from war-torn Croatia. Soccer was on the minds of Short Shorts fans as well as sports fans during the World Cup fever that swept Japan that summer.

The 2002 festival featured a special program of Korean short films with a discussion including South Korean filmmakers and the head of the Pusan International Short Film Festival.

Short Shorts also hosted the screening of French short films and a talk with Roger Gonin, Director of the world's largest short film festival, Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Late Shows in Shibuya !

The Short Shorts Film Festival supplemented its main selection of films in competition with "late shows" at the popular department store Parco Part 3.

The Parco programs included a set of digital films created by students of the Digital Cinema Research Consortium at Keio University and a screening of short films by well-known feature and commercial directors, which were called "Short Stop Films."

Premiere of the Short Shorts Film Festival's first production endeavor

The Short Shorts Film Festival screened selections from its first ever production project, JAM films. The JAM films, consisted of short films directed by seven different acclaimed Japanese directors, including George Iida's "Cold Sleep" and Ryuhei Kitamura's "The Messenger".


Short Shorts Film Festival 2002 Award
The Invention of Childhood / Liliana Sulzbach
Offside / Leanna Creel

The Invention of Childhood / Liliana Sulzbach
Offside / Leanna Creel

Audience Award THE tower oF BaBBLe / Jeff Wadlow (USA)
Jury Award 80 Degrees East of Birdland / Solvi Lindseth (Norway)