Short Shorts Film Festival 2003

Celebrating its 5th year

The Short Shorts Film Festival held its inaugural event in 1999. On our 5th anniversary, we present the best and latest shorts gathered from all over the world and several special programs.

9 cities, 10 venues

Short Shorts celebrated its second successful year in Los Angeles with screenings at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. For the first time, special screenings of "the best of Short Shorts" were held in Myanmar and attended by filmmaker Leanna Creel, the director of "Offside", which was screened in SSFF2002. The festival toured in 8 cities across Japan; Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Matsumoto, Fukuoka, and Hakodate.

Over 1,300 films from 56 countries

From the enormous number of films, the committee selected 46 shorts from 22 countries.

Deluxe Special Programs

Academy Short Shorts

Short Shorts proudly presents Academy Awarded® winning short films from recent years, including this year's winner for Best Animated Short Film.

War & Peace Short Shorts

"War and Peace" themed shorts were screened in every program, and there was one full "War and Peace" program that included remarkable shorts that have been honored with awards at festivals around the world.

60 Seconds Short Shorts

The program was constructed with the work of Michael Leunig, a cartoonist from Australia.

Maestro Short Shorts

Starting with George Lucas's shorts, Short Shorts has introduced famous director's short films each year and for the 5th anniversary. This year, the 5th year of Short Shorts Film Festival, we had 5 famous director's early shorts: Academy Award® winner Roman Polanski (THE PIANIST), Pedro Almodovar (Talk to Her); Jan Kounen (DORBERMAN); Fernando Meirelles (City of God); and Alexander Payne (About Schmidt)

Roppongi Hills Arena Hall

At the newly established cultural center, Roppongi Hills Arena Hall, special talk events were held on June 7th and 8th. The panelists discussed the theme: "Let's Make Shorts!"

LOUIS VUITTON Special Screening at LV HALL With Short Shorts Film Festival

Louis Vuitton places high value on the cultural contributions made by the Short Shorts Film Festival and has come to collaborate on this wonderful event in the festival's 5th anniversary. In keeping with the origins of Louis Vuitton, each of the selected 8 short films had the motif of 'France' or 'Voyage.' Academy Award® winning director Roman Polanski's short "Two Men and a Wardrobe" was also screened at the event.

Closing Ceremony

For the first time in its history the Short Shorts Film Festival hosted a closing ceremony where the 'Audience Award', 'Jury Award', and 'Short Shorts Award' films were screened again. Kiyoshi Kurosawa presented the Jury Award, and Gregory Starr, the editor in chief of Premiere Japan, also participated in the closing ceremony. In addition, there was a special screening of the BMW short, "Beat the Devil".


Short Shorts Film Festival 2003 AwardUna Bala / Edgar San Juan & Ibon Antunano

Audience AwardThe Platform / Robin Walters
Jury Award The Platform / Robin Walters