Call for Entry 2021

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022
Musical Short Film Pitch Competition Submission Guidelines *Closed

Calling for pitches of musical short films! The Best Pitch winner will receive prize money and a chance for production!! 

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Competition Outline

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and AMUSE INC. joined forces to establish a musical short film pitch competition in 2020. AMUSE INC., a company creating and providing high quality entertainment not only in Japan but also globally, is collaborating with the Academy Awards® accredited Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia. With the aim of supporting works that cross international borders, prize money will be offered to an original and unique pitch that deserves to be made into a film. The competition is calling for entries of any type of musical from filmmakers, producers, writers or musicians who have brilliant ideas. 
The winner will be awarded 300,000 JPY as well as the chance to produce the pitch into a film with AMUSE INC.

Award and Award Money

Amuse Musical Award (Best Pitch): JPY 300,000.-
*Award is subject to change.

Schedule for Entry

Schedule for EntrySchedule for Entry

Entry Guidelines

1. Theme
Musical Short Film Pitch
The film should consist of several musical works and/or songs and be fictional. Its projected run time must be under 25 minutes.
The music/songs do not need to be played throughout the film.

2. Entry Period
From November 5th 2021 (Fri) to February 28th 2022 (Mon)

3. Entry Fee

4. How to enter
(1)Please upload your short film pitch in addition to completing the designated entry form in order to be considered for the primary selection. The elements listed below must be included in the pitch.

  1. Plot (Under 250 words) and Projected run time
    Simple outline of your pitch (on one A4 size page). Remember this is your pitch, show your strengths!
    *Describe what you think is the key selling point of your pitch. Photos, pictures, art, can be included as long as it fits in your 1 page outline.
  2. Photographic or art images of the world you envisage
  3. Sound images (the original songs preferred, otherwise please include the names of specific composers and singers or song titles.)
  4. Entrant profile & Link to a show reel of past works or individual links to past works

(2) We will notify entrants that qualify for the next stage of the competition about the results of the primary selection in March 2021. Selected entrants will be required to submit the following materials by a specific date (yet to be confirmed) to enter the next stage of the competition.

  1. Proposed cast and their profile
  2. Proposed location
  3. Screenplay for selected pitch
  4. License status
  5. Budget estimate

5. Other Information

  • We can only accept original pitches that do not infringe on the copyrights or intellectual property rights of any third parties, engage in defamation, or infringe privacy rights.
  • The selection process will be carried out at the discretion of the organizers and may not be disputed by entrants.
  • We will not respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process or results. For inquiries relating to the entry guidelines, please contact us at
  • Personal details submitted in the entry process will be used by the competition organizers to contact entrants with information regarding the competition.


Company overview

AMUSE inc.

Amuse was formed in 1978.
A comprehensive entertainment production company that handles management for major artists like SOUTHERN ALL STARS, Fukuyama Masaharu, Tomita Yasuko, & Fukatsu Eri among many others as well as production & sales of film & TV content. In addition, original stage productions including CHIKYU GORGEOUS & international staging invitations..
Amuse is organized with separate arms for Live Entertainment Business, Music & Film/TV Business, Appearances & Commercials Business, & recently has expanded into sports business & venue operations.
The synergy within Amuse has allowed us to leap over the boundaries of being just an entertainment production company while strengthening our base business into a company of imagination & possibilities as a complete entertainment group.

Official Website:

The two short film projects that have been selected from the 2020 competition are almost done!

Sleep Singing

Bradley Porter "Sleep Singing"

Bradley Porter Comment

"We had an amazing time filming SLEEP SINGING - to be given the freedom and support to make a musical the way we wanted to by Amuse was unlike anything else I've ever experienced. We've been lucky to work with incredibly talented composers, movement directors and choreographers to create something really special - that no only feels original, but also represents London at it's finest. We can't wait to share it with you."


Jake Kuhn "Flaws"

Jake Kuhn Comment

"The Amuse and Short Shorts Musical Competition gave me the courage to create a film in a genre that I forever wanted to tackle yet never had the opportunity. With their help and advice, my crew and I pushed the possibilities for such a story in innovative directions; working with contemporary tap dancers, miniature models and carefully designed sets. It was an incredible experience to create a modern musical that felt in keeping with a genre we love so dearly."