Project 3

Creation of stories all around Japan

Creation of stories all around Japan

This is a project for young writers to write short stories based on ancient Japanese stories and folktales. For the current project, we will focus on Okinawa, Kumamoto, and Hiroshima Prefectures. The SSFF & ASIA 2021 Autumn Film Festival, scheduled to be held in October 2021, will host panel discussions with writers who have written for this project. We will also be going into production of short films based on these stories.

Project Participating Authors

  • Okinawa Prefecture Kumiko Takahashi

    Kumiko Takahashi

    Writer, Poet, and Songwriter. Born in Ehime Prefecture, 1982.
    After working in the music industry she went into writing.
    Her publications include a novel collection "Gururi" (Chikuma Shobo), a collection of essays, "Tabi wo Sumikatosu" (Kadokawa), and a collection of poems and drawings, "Konya Kyoboudakara Watashi" (Mishima) etc. She has provided lyrics for many artists, wrote scripts for a play of a modernized Ningyo Joururi (a puppet theater), and recites poetry in other times.

  • Hiroshima Prefecture Masatomo Tamaru

    Masatomo Tamaru

    Born in Ehime, 1987.
    Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo.
    He is one of the essential writers of modern short stories and on top of that he is also the head judge for the Bocchan Literary Award. He also holds a creative writing courses throughout Japan.
    His publications include, "Umiiro no Bin", "Otogi Company" etc.
    Official Site:

  • Kumamoto Prefecture Nako Mori

    Nako Mori

    Born in Kanagawa 1997.
    Recieved a HOPPY HOPPY AWARD for Book Catagories in 2019 and a Book Short Award in 2020.

Panel Discussion

We will invite short story writers from three regions to discuss not only the literature works that were written but also the hidden stories of Japan that we want to convey and their charm.

Scheduled to be held in October 2020.
Details will be announced as soon as decided.

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