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[Report]The first day of Laforet Harajuku museum (shortshort film festivel&Asia 2018)


June 13,today is the first day of the Laforet  Harajuku museum and various guests of various countries came at this hall.

Today’s programs  were composed of Asia International competition,International competition,and Fashion programs.

[Asia International competition 7  program]

today’s guests

The Masseuse       Tan Ce Ding/Director ,Edward Lim/Producer ,Tan Teck Zee/Cinemaphotographer ,Sherwyn Victor/Line Producer

Tokyo 2001/10/21 22:32~22:41  Hiroshi Okuyama/Director

Areola Borealis   Li Lin Wee/Director

Tan Ce Ding/Director  and Edward Lim/Producer  of the Masseuse

The Masseuse is the story about the love between people and humanoid.The director  Tan Ce Ding said this film’s theme is how much humanoid is  like human.

Hiroshi Okuyama/Director of Tokyo 2001/10/21 22:32~22:41 of Areola Borealis

Tokyo 2001/10/21 22:32~22:41 describes the real conversation between mother and son(Mother’s role is played by Japanese famous actress Shinobu otake.Kirie  animation(the distinguished technique of amimation skills) is used in this film.The audience was surprise at the shocking end.

Li Lin Wee/Director of Areola Borealis

Areola Borealis is the story that one day the bra of the  bride waiting wedding event was broken and her family and her friend trying to solve the problem.The audience was surprised knowing the fact that this story is based on her true story.


[Asia International competition 2  program]

today’s guest

Dead run      Director – Daishi Kato

Casts-Kana Satouchi ,Shino Natsume,Kiyoharu Naruse,Daisuke Matsuki,Kagetora Miura,Ichiro Takahashi

Dead run is the story about the school girl struggling to run more faster.She suffers from a sudden slump but she struggles to recover her previous form and  her surroundings watch over her warmly.

Daishi Kato/Director of Dead run

Daishi Kato said he was inspired by real person to decide the main character’s personality.And he even drives a large vehicle to take in this film’s casts for two and half hours to very far location.

Kana Satouchi /the leading actress                          Shino Natsume/her friends auditor

Kana Satouchi,the main character of this film, said that she has never  run as sports and she did running training everyday after she was decided as the part.And she was very troubled because it’s very cold during the photographing.And Shino Natsume played her friend’s role. She charmingly  said she cries every time when she watch this film.