SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA 2020 Screening in Autumn
10.15 Thu - 10.18 Sun/Admission FREE (Except some events.)
Autumn screening


Award Winning Shorts Program 3

10/15 Thu. 16:00-17:20
10/17 Sat. 11:00-12:20
10/18 Sun. 14:20-15:40
Shibuya Diversity Award

You Need Help

Barbara Elbinger/0:16:58/UK/Comedy, Drama/2019

An older couple experience a blip in an otherwise pretty uneventful marriage when the husband, Fred, avoids embracing retirement , and drifts purposeless around the house with an increasing resentful wife, Doreen. However, when a leaflet lands on his doormat promising to bring joy into his life again, he embarks on a mission to find himself, and put the much-needed magic - and music - back into their marriage. But she’s terrified that his ‘ridiculous’ behaviour will show them both up…

"Boston Film festival
Crystal Palace Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Westfield Int’l Film Festival
Bolton Film Festival
Fastnet Film Festival
Brighton Rocks Film Festival
Love story Film Festival
Love Actually Film Festival
IndieFlicks Film Festival
Queens Palm Film Festival
Dumbo Film Festival
TMFF Film Festival
Florence Film Festival
Take it easy Film Festival

Director : Barbara Elbinger

Barbara Elbinger was born in Argentina and trained in acting and filmmaking. Today she is based in the UK. Galvanised by a shorts competition in 2015, she devised and made the low-budget comedy A WAKE. She saw this opportunity as a testing ground and launch pad for directing. She considers ‘YOU NEED HELP’ to be her directorial debut.

10/15 Thu. 16:00-17:20
10/17 Sat. 11:00-12:20
10/18 Sun. 14:20-15:40