Date: June 4, 2024 (Tue) - June 17, 2024 (Mon), Online venue: April 25, 2024 (Thu) - June 30, 2024 (Sun)

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Opening Films: World Premier TUBE×GACKT’s short film & Stray Kids’ short films
Guest: Actors Yudai Chiba Sota Fukushi Win Morisaki will appear as nominated directors

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7 Awards will be announced:
U-25 project which JAL newly supports, Amic Sign Award for the first digital currency prize and more


Academy Awards® accredited and one of Asia’s largest international film festivals, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia(SSFF & ASIA)2024 will have an Opening Ceremony on June 4 (Tue.)  at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA.

Opening Screening is TUBE×GACKT’s and Stray Kids’ Short Film

 At the ceremony, TUBE×GACKT’s short film “Goodbye for now.” will be screened as world premier and Korean pop group Stray Kids‘ short film “Stray Kids <樂-STAR (ROCK-STAR)> SKZFLIX” will be specially screened.

*”Stray Kids <樂-STAR (ROCK-STAR)> SKZFLIX” is also screened in the Korean Short Film Program during the festival.

Further more, Yudai Chiba, Sota Fukushi, Win Morisaki who are actors and directed short films with the project of WOWOW Actors Short Film 4. Festival president, Tetsuya Bessho and Festival Ambassador LiLiCo will introduce this year’s SSFF & ASIA lineups.

 Tickets for this Opening Ceremony are now on sale.

Korean pop star Kevin Wooex-U-Kiss, Famous Taiwanese Actress

Shu-Fang Chen and  journalist and filmmaker Shiori Ito will join the ceremony  Nominated/ specially screened filmmakers and actors such as Kevin Woo (formerly U-Kiss)& director Liann Kaye from “Seoul Switch” which is screened in Korean Program, Shu-Fang Chen and director Tami Xu of “Red Envelop” in Asia International Competition and Shiori Ito who directed “Efe” in Non-Fiction Competition will also join the ceremony. 

U-25 project which is newly supported by JAL (Japan Airlines) will be announced  At the Opening Ceremony, total 7 Awards: SHIBUYA DIVERSITY AWARD, J-WAVE SOUND OF CINEMA AWARD, Amic Sign Award, Global Spotlight Award, Illuminate SSFF & ASIA 2024 Movie Contest and best award for Smartphone Competition will be announced. JAL will provide air ticket for Japanese young & talented filmmaker.

Creators Meetup Lounge will be held in the lobby of LINE CUBE SHIBUYA and YouTuber Cinemanshon will live stream! SSFF & ASIA will develop “Creators Meetup Lounge” at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA. Filmmakers, audience, and festival supportive organizations and corporation will gather here, exchange idea & information, and spin new seeds for new projects. Popular Youtuber Cinemanshon will also appear and stream live show from this venue.


SSFF ASIA 2024 Opening Films

Goodbye for now.

DirectorTomonobu Moriwaki Japan12:49Drama2024      

A man sits idly on a bench on a hill. As he gazes lonesomely at the setting sun, he remembers a ‘special person’. This short film is based on a collaboration between TUBE and GACKT on the theme of ‘parting with those close to you’, which everyone must face at some point in their lives.

Stray Kids <樂-STARSKZFLIX』

DirectorBYEONGJUNE KIMKorea10:51Drama2023  

Characters who followed a dream of making movies.

They become friends in a film club at university and end up making a short film.

Hidden secrets will be revealed on the screening day of the completed movie.

Filmmakers & Casts who attend SSFF ASIA 2024 Opening Ceremony (pickup)

“Seoul Switch”

Cast: Kevin Woo

Director: Liann Kaye

★Appear in person for Korean Short Film Program as well

Fri, June 7,11:20-13:10 @ Omotesando Hills Space O


“Red Envelop”

Cast: Shu-Fang Chen

DirectorTami Xu

★Appear in person for Asia & Japan Program 1 As well

Thu, June 6 13:10-15:10 @ Omotesanndo Hills Space O


Director: Shiori Ito


■Schedule:Tue, June 4



■Ticket : 5,000JPY

※ it will be live streamed on SSFF & ASIA YouTube(some parts are only in the venue)


First time in SSFF & ASIA Registration for the online cinema market is now open.

SSFF & ASIA will launch an online market for the first time, connecting the works of filmmakers at the festival with distributors, online platforms, broadcasters and film festivals, and create business opportunities for both parties. 

Buyers from North America, Europe, Asia and other countries are expected to participate. We invite you to submit your films to the market. Registration is free!




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