Date: June 4, 2024 (Tue) - June 17, 2024 (Mon), Online venue: April 25, 2024 (Thu) - June 30, 2024 (Sun)


International Competition



Screening Venue

AKASAKA INTERCITY CONFERENCE CENTER, the AIR2024.06.10 [Mon] Program 1 & Program 2
AKASAKA INTERCITY CONFERENCE CENTER, the AIR2024.06.11 [Tue] Program 3 & Program 4

Online Screening

OnlinescheduleOnline Screening
Online Screening2024.06.01 [Sat] - 06.30 [Sun]
  • Online

    1 Squaremeter

    With a maximum of imagination, Hornbach demonstrates what can be achieved with the creative possibilities of D.I.Y.: A man lives in a fascinating, nested living world. The square meters go up vertically, can be shifted in themselves, merge into each other. EVERY SQUARE METER DESERVES TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

    【Client】HORNBACH AG
    【Production】TPF x Revolver

    Steve Rogers / 0:08:09 / Germany / Branded Movie / 2023

  • Online


    Under the inspiring concept “Every mom loves in her own way,” the campaign captures the diversity of mothers that exist, recognizing and honoring the different ways in which they express their unconditional love. With the collaboration of the well-known singer Benny Ibarra, who performs his emblematic song “Thank you mom,” Suavitel® celebrates all Mexican mothers with a moving serenade.

    【Agency】VML México
    【Production】Oriental Films

    Yupi Segura / 0:05:03 / Mexico / Branded Movie /

  • Online

    Father & Son

    As in the past and present, so doubtless in the future too: a driver’s licence represents far more than just permission to take a car for a spin out on the road. Indeed, it is the key to myriad experiences, memories and character-forming moments. And even when the day inevitably comes that you can no longer responsibly pilot a vehicle on a public highway and take the decision to give up your licence, one thing will live on: the joy of driving that unites the generations. This is the message behind a short film that will touch the soul.

    【Agency】Jung von Matt / The Game
    【Production】Iconoclast Berlin

    Marcus Ibañez / 00:01:30 / Germany / Branded Movie / 2023

  • Online

    I’m Dying Inside

    Over 5 episodes released as a series, and starring Tik-Tok comedian Samantha Andrew, ‘I’m Dying Inside’ follows four housemates as they navigate the awkwardness of life as a young adult while on your period.
    From endometriosis flare-ups to accidental period sex stains to baby-gay period hook-ups and more, each episode explores a range of modern period experiences and taboo topics, showing how Modibasics helps you leave leaks out of it.


    Arundati Thandur / 0:11:01 / Australia / Branded Movie / 2024

    mature Mature Content:
    These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

  • Online

    Jumping Through Hoops

    In the spot - created by Rethink, and directed by Nick Ball (IKEA, The Troll; Extra, For When It’s Time) - we’re transported into a dystopian world that pushes the visual analogy of jumping through hoops, in every way. We see the grey blandness of a world full of hoops, and juxtapose it with the brightness and ease Tangerine represents.


    Nick Ball / 0:02:10 / Canada / Branded Movie / 2023

  • Online

    Marty & Francesca Make a Website

    【Production】Superprime Films

    Martin Scorcese / 0:18:40 / USA / Branded Movie / 2024

  • Online


    33% of teens engage in sexting. 1/100 have had images shared without consent. Society often blames the victim, but Dutch telco KPN believes in a #BetterInternet. To raise awareness of online shaming and its consequences among Gen Z, we delivered our campaign as entertainment. Collaborating with singer MEAU, experts and victims we created ‘A piece of me’, a song and music video that show how forwarding without consent can ruin someone's life. With millions of shares, a top 3 hit, 100s of schools showing it and now a law change to make this a sexual offense, ‘A Piece of Me’ is impacting society.

    【Client】MEAU & KPN
    【Agency】Dentsu Creative/Amsterdam

    Emma Branderhorst / 0:04:11 / Netherlands / Branded Movie /

  • Online

    Road Safety

    Dressed as a dark, tense crime thriller, the campaign follows a father who, after receiving no text back from his daughter, fears the absolute worst and is desperate to find her. Full to the brim with red herrings, the weight of the film for Francois was its believability. If the film was an obvious gimmick, then the call to action would be as impactful as a smoking gun filled with blanks. To do this, Francois crafted a story heavy in drama, emotion and mood. Like a good crime story, each shot needed to be as clear as a fingerprint, each cut as sharp as a knife and each facial expression, a confession - a window into a fully-realised world. And all for one goal - to drive the message home.

    【Client】German Road Safety Council / Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport
    【Agency】Scholz & Friends Berlin
    【Production】Anorak Film GmbH

    François Rousselet / 0:02:41 / Germany / Branded Movie / 2023

  • Online

    Solo: There’s Magic in All of Us

    This film showcases the life-altering impact of eye-tracking technology. Its use pioneered by New York non-profit hospital Montefiore Einstein, it’s a beacon of hope for nearly 4 million Americans who face challenges with their ability to speak or move voluntarily. Against the backdrop of the holidays, our narrative follows Solo—a real boy with cerebral palsy–to celebrate imagination, brotherhood and the unseen wonders within us. Solo’s adventure, powered by his eyes, his art and this groundbreaking technology, brings him closer to his younger brother, turning him into the superhero he’s meant to be.

    【Client】Montefiore Einstein
    【Agency】Alto New York
    【Production】Smuggler New York

    Tom Hooper / 0:01:30 / USA / Branded Movie / 2023

  • Online

    The Beach

    A lifeguard sees a man in the sea asking for help, he begins to run heading to the sea but people on the beach stop him with many, stupid, excuses so, the man drowns.
    The lifeguard is mortified and the other people starts doing the same they were doing before the tragedy.

    【Agency】Ogilvy Italy
    【Production】The Family

    Igor Borghi / 0:01:51 / Italy / Branded Movie / 2023




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