Date: June 4, 2024 (Tue) - June 17, 2024 (Mon), Online venue: April 25, 2024 (Thu) - June 30, 2024 (Sun)


Visual Tourism Award



Screening Venue

AKASAKA INTERCITY CONFERENCE CENTER, the AIR2024.06.10 [Mon] Program 1 & Program 2
AKASAKA INTERCITY CONFERENCE CENTER, the AIR2024.06.11 [Tue] Program 3 & Program 4

Online Screening

OnlinescheduleOnline Screening
Online Screening2024.06.01 [Sat] - 06.30 [Sun]
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    Afureruaide Kusetsuyoshi

    [Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture]
    Mizunami City has many attractive qualities with its beautiful and abundant nature and delicious foods.
    However, what we are most proud of is the people of Mizunami City. Unique people who love their town and what they do. Once a person starts talking about the city, it’s like they can't stop themselves they love it so much. There's no way you wouldn't enjoy the shops and experiences run by such personable people. A joyous place, not a tourist spot. A place that you won’t easily forget once you’ve visited. Please come to experience our joy and love, here in Mizunami City.

    Mizunami City / 0:02:35 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2024

  • Online

    Odawara city where poetries are made.

    [Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture]
    As the cherry blossoms bloom in splendor during springtime, Ibuki, an art student living in Tokyo, visits Odawara city with her father. This is their first trip together since Ibuki left home. Odawara was once a memorable place she had visited with her late mother. As father and daughter explore Odawara, they gradually open up to each other. Ibuki carries a secret box in her hands.

    Takayuki Hosonuma / 0:25:00 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2023

  • Online

    Thank You, Gateway To The World

    [Narita City, Chiba Prefecture]
    "I want to thank you, too. You helped me remember something important."
    This is a story about a woman who works for the Narita Airport Ground Handling Services. She’s always complaining and is unable to find any sense of purpose in her job, until a commotion her family causes at the airport helps her recall the importance of gratitude.
    When Narita Airport gets hit by a devastating typhoon, ground handling staff member Ayako Takaoka (Misa Shimizu) has to cope with the situation. Even as people from around the world vent their frustrations and fears to her, she always responds with a smile. On the third day of the ordeal, after two nights without sleep, she finally arrives home and proceeds to take it out on her husband Hiroshi (Toshiro Yashiba.) Her daughter Misora (Rin Kataoka) retorts, "Stop complaining so much. You’re filling the house with bad vibes." When Ayako tells Misora to try getting a job before telling her what to do, the two are primed for a fight. Misora ends up taking her little brother Wataru (Akito Matsuno) to the airport to take photos of the planes. She happens to see her mother working, earnestly helping foreign travelers and being thanked in return. Misora starts to appreciate the pride associated with working at "The Gateway to Japan," and realizes Narita can help her pursue a future like no other. As a plane passes overhead, Misora shyly tells her mother, "Thank you for everything."

    Yuki Saito / 0:25:00 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2024

  • Online


    [Fukushima Coastal Region]
    Itsuki, a young man who works at a PR company, can’t resist his curiosity and instinctively accepts the job of "making a movie in Fukushima.'' But in the next moment, the movie-loving president suddenly demands, "I want to see a science fiction movie with a time machine!" As the day of presenting the pitch approaches, Itsuki is desperate and lost on the beach. Suddenly, a strange old lady appears. "Let's go find a time machine!'’ They set out in search of a "cool vehicle,'' in a small 2-person truck.

    Daisuke Kondo / 0:24:50 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2024

  • Online

    [Hisashiburini Kaerukotonishita]AKITA CITY PROMOTION

    [Akita Prefecture]
    A girl struggles to find herself in a corporate career in the capital.
    Receiving a package of produce from her mother, she decides to take a
    brief trip home.

    Travis Matsumoto / 0:06:27 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2023




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