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    It’s the third summer for Mei Ling as an international student. Her boyfriend Naoto takes her out for a picnic date to Mt. Takao, a nature landmark in Tokyo. After climbing, they get to a famous soba noodle shop. It seems the female owner knows my name… You can also enjoy the scenery of Taiwan that was shot remotely.

    Kenji Ezure / 0:21:12 / Japan / Drama / 2022

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    Shay and Kat decide to road trip across the desert on the anniversary of their father's death. Kat chose not to attend the funeral and Shay helps her work through the emotions that arise over the course of their journey.

    Courtney Coker / 0:13:30 / United States / Drama / 2023

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    10 Days to Eternity

    Akira, who left his hometown to become a photographer, returns home for the first time in more than a decade after receiving a mysterious message left by his younger brother Jun. However, his brother is nowhere to be found, and his brother's daughter, Sana, gives him a red envelope. The envelope leads him to the beginning of a "treasure hunt".

    Kenji Qurata / 0:24:59 / Japan / Drama / 2024

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    to I

    On a summer day, a woman stops a girl who is about to jump off a rooftop. The two spend the day together and they pass the time without the woman knowing who the girl is. When the evening chime is heard, the woman suddenly realizes something.

    Kei Ikeda / 0:24:59 / Japan / Drama / 2024

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    Eesa and Mokhtar are miners who get into a fight. While everyone is working in the mine, Eesa smells Methane gas leaking in the tunnels and helps several workers, but Mokhtar dies in the accident because his oxygen tank was pierced in the fight. Eesa blames himself while everyone thinks of him as a hero.

    Saman Lotfian / 0:19:44 / Iran / Drama / 2024

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    Ayesha, a Muslim housekeeper, takes a one-day job at a Hindu household. She wants to be upfront about her identity, but when she introduces herself, the owner of the house mishears her name as ‘Asha,’ a common Hindu name. Soon, Ayesha learns how differently people treat you, if they think you are one of "them."

    Nihit Bhave / 0:12:48 / India / Drama / 2024

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    The New World

    On a sunny June day, Kaname summons old friends to the wilderness with a purpose, but only Fuku arrives.

    Tomomi Muraguchi / 0:07:44 / Japan / Drama / 2023

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    Negative Space

    Jiwon, a 29-year-old, has spent over three years looking for a job while dealing with two kinds of negative space: a gap in her Resume (CV) and a personal void in her life. On the day of a job interview, she becomes increasingly anxious.

    Jeonghui An / 0:15:00 / Korea / Drama / 2023

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    Starring Takashi Yamanaka, Kyusaku Shimada

    TOMA #2

    When Toma decides to place his father, who suffers from dementia, in a facility, he discovers an instant camera in his father's room that he had forgotten to develop. The camera, labeled "TOMA No. 2," was filled with memories of his father. While trying to revive his memories, Toma and his father drive to the facility together.

    Yohei Osabe / 0:19:55 / Japan / Drama / 2023

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    Hey… Mom…

    Kenji, who works alone, meets a young woman on his way home from work who is an AI robot who calls him "master". To avoid making his wife jealous, he suggests that If the robot looked like his mother there would be no way that she would have an issue.

    Seiko Tano / 0:18:30 / Japan / Drama / 2023

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