Date: June 4, 2024 (Tue) - June 17, 2024 (Mon), Online venue: April 25, 2024 (Thu) - June 30, 2024 (Sun)


Family Friendly

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    The Music Factory

    The Music Factory is a film about Herbert, who has synesthesia, a condition that makes him see colors when he hears sound and music. The story follows his journey into the music factory, where he discovers his hidden power.

    Cina Espejord & Alf Martin Løvvold / 0:08:53 / Norway / Animation / 2023

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    10 Days to Eternity

    Akira, who left his hometown to become a photographer, returns home for the first time in more than a decade after receiving a mysterious message left by his younger brother Jun. However, his brother is nowhere to be found, and his brother's daughter, Sana, gives him a red envelope. The envelope leads him to the beginning of a "treasure hunt".

    Kenji Qurata / 0:24:59 / Japan / Drama / 2024

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    LUKi & the Lights

    LUKi, a charming and upbeat robot known for living life to the fullest, is diagnosed with the life-altering disease ALS. He must choose how to face life going forward.

    Toby Cochran / 0:10:40 / United States, Netherlands / Animation / 2023

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    Ding Dong Ditch

    "I want to disappear" is written in the dirt of the park. A correspondence between a boy who longs to be a villain and a girl who waits for her mother in the park at night. The two, who do not even know each other, communicate only through messages left in the dirt.

    chavo / 0:10:59 / Japan / Drama / 2024

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    Cats Are Liquid

    A film filled with multiple silly scenes that prove that cats are (contrary to popular belief) not in fact solid but liquid instead.

    Natálie Durchánková / 0:01:11 / Czech Republic / Animation / 2023

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    Starring Yuka Itaya, Arata Iura


    Maye Sora, a 19-year-old university student living in Tokyo, receives news of her grandfather's death. Busy with moving with the help of her friends, she puts off confirming the news.

    Sara Masuda / 0:15:11 / Japan / Drama / 2023

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    Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg

    Three Trees

    In a great big forest, the three trees live together on top of a mountain. As the seasons change, the trees discover surprising things in themselves. With help of forest friends, each tree overcomes growing pains and learns about themselves, friendship and their place in the world.

    Mathias Richard Horhager & Aaron Hong / 0:04:30 / Canada / Animation / 2023

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    About a Cow

    An imaginative and playful collage of images from the life of cows. A mosaic of small stories from all over the world, in which cows experience positive and negative moments, depicts the life of an animal in a global world and its relationship with humans.

    Pavla Baštanová / 0:12:52 / Czech Republic / Animation / 2023

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    Makoto is a high school girl who has been a science fiction enthusiast since she was a small child. One day, she meets Shinichi, a young man from the future. The only way to save the future is for Makoto, who has low grades, to enroll in college.

    Kairi Manabe & Yoshihiko Yamamoto / 0:25:00 / Japan / Sci-Fi / 2023

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    Three masters of football perform wonders during a match and score impossible goals. But what goes on in their heads when they are about to take penalty kicks?

    Vuk Jevremovic / 0:05:28 / Croatia, Germany / Animation / 2022




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