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    It’s the third summer for Mei Ling as an international student. Her boyfriend Naoto takes her out for a picnic date to Mt. Takao, a nature landmark in Tokyo. After climbing, they get to a famous soba noodle shop. It seems the female owner knows my name… You can also enjoy the scenery of Taiwan that was shot remotely.

    Kenji Ezure / 0:21:12 / Japan / Drama / 2022

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    A young Indian mother trying to keep her immigrant family afloat in Australia decides to steal from her visiting in-laws.

    Ajai Vishwanath / 0:15:33 / Australia, United States / Drama / 2023

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    Flower Bud

    A young woman struggles to tell her beloved grandmother a truth that she believes may ruin their relationship.

    Jay Kim / 0:16:51 / South Korea / Drama / 2023

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    An Irani-Canadian girl is forced to rethink her relationship with her unibrow and her Irani heritage, when she is forced to make friends with the new girl from Iran.

    Nedda Sarshar / 0:14:20 / Canada / Drama / 2023

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    salty blue

    College student Mitsuki Ayase has a crush on her best friend Umi Hoshino.
    They sneak out from a singles dating party and go to a public bath that was just about to close. As usual, Mitsuki hears all about Umi's love stories. A fleeting love story about the line between friendship and love.

    Masashi Sogawa / 0:16:53 / Japan / Romance / 2023

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    Shay and Kat decide to road trip across the desert on the anniversary of their father's death. Kat chose not to attend the funeral and Shay helps her work through the emotions that arise over the course of their journey.

    Courtney Coker / 0:13:30 / United States / Drama / 2023

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    HKTB presents the micro-film series Hong Kong in the Lens by Asian Directors. Directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya (Bad Genius), starring real life sisters Cris and Ploi Horwang.

    Zi Mui

    • Special Screening

    The director behind the box office hit Bad Genius presents a story that takes place at night in Hong Kong. In hopes to wake their father up, the sisters, Abb and May, set off on a journey in search of their father’s past love. With such a drastic difference in personality, the sisters each take matters into their own hands to find her. Will they succeed?

    Nattawut Poonpiriya / 0:22:43 / Thailand / Drama / 2023

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    10 Days to Eternity

    Akira, who left his hometown to become a photographer, returns home for the first time in more than a decade after receiving a mysterious message left by his younger brother Jun. However, his brother is nowhere to be found, and his brother's daughter, Sana, gives him a red envelope. The envelope leads him to the beginning of a "treasure hunt".

    Kenji Qurata / 0:24:59 / Japan / Drama / 2024

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    to I

    On a summer day, a woman stops a girl who is about to jump off a rooftop. The two spend the day together and they pass the time without the woman knowing who the girl is. When the evening chime is heard, the woman suddenly realizes something.

    Kei Ikeda / 0:24:59 / Japan / Drama / 2024

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    Eesa and Mokhtar are miners who get into a fight. While everyone is working in the mine, Eesa smells Methane gas leaking in the tunnels and helps several workers, but Mokhtar dies in the accident because his oxygen tank was pierced in the fight. Eesa blames himself while everyone thinks of him as a hero.

    Saman Lotfian / 0:19:44 / Iran / Drama / 2024

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