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    salty blue

    College student Mitsuki Ayase has a crush on her best friend Umi Hoshino.
    They sneak out from a singles dating party and go to a public bath that was just about to close. As usual, Mitsuki hears all about Umi's love stories. A fleeting love story about the line between friendship and love.

    Masashi Sogawa / 0:16:53 / Japan / Romance / 2023

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    A Catholic Schoolgirl

    It’s the first time KAYA experienced falling in love. As one of the finest students of an all-girls Catholic school, she is ungodly to develop a crush on SISTER AGNES—a nun who will soon be destined to a province faraway. Kaya's urge to confess intensifies as Sister Agnes' departure nears.

    Myra Angeline Soriaso / 0:18:04 / Philippines / Drama / 2023

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    A quirky lesbian mom discovers a love letter written by her 11-year-old son to
    another boy. Concerned for her son’s social status, she crashes into a birthday party to keep a close eye on him.

    Omri Laron / 0:19:00 / Israel / Drama / 2023

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    A Bird Called Memory

    A bird called Memory has forgotten how to come back home. Lua, a trans woman, searches for Memory in the streets, but the city can be a hostile place.

    Leonardo Martinelli / 0:15:00 / Brazil, United Kingdom / Drama / 2023

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    The Prince’s Dilemma

    Prince Philip, who longing to be with a prince of his own, must decide to follow the traditional tale or forge his own happily ever after.

    Devin Rowe / 0:04:59 / United States / Animation / 2023

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    Mơ navigates rush hour traffic to dodge an unwanted call. When she meets Vicky by the side of the street with her broken motorbike, a visceral chance encounter unfolds between the two young queer women on the loud streets of Saigon.

    Hồng Anh Nguyễn / 0:22:00 / Vietnam / Drama / 2024

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    Red Envelope

    A newly-wed American picks up a red envelope on the ground near a Taiwanese night market. What he discovers inside the envelope is a family saga that binds two worlds.

    Tami Xu / 0:20:48 / Taiwan / Fantasy / 2024

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    Hedgehog’s dilemma

    The film, told entirely in sign language, is set in a rehab center for deaf youth struggling with addiction. As a new patient, the main character finds himself drawn to a long-term resident and struggles to navigate their growing connection amidst the challenges of recovery.

    Mateusz Rybinski / 0:16:10 / Poland / Drama / 2023

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    Piece by Piece

    While two teenage friends stroll around the neighborhood, they just want to pass the time together, but piece by piece new perspectives are revealed.

    Reza Rasouli / 0:08:58 / Austria / Drama / 2023

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    Starring Ben Whishaw (Paddington). Shortlisted, 2024 Academy Awards, Best Live Action Short Film, produced by Emma Thompson.

    Good Boy

    • Special Screening

    Danny's attempt to rob a bank with his overbearing mum is scuppered by the appearance of their family doctor. With his mum in the back of his van, and a dead pigeon on the passenger seat, Danny has a growing sense of desperation. But as more and more figures arrive to disrupt his day, we begin to sense that everything is not as it seems...

    Tom Stuart / 0:16:01 / United Kingdom / Drama / 2023




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