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    salty blue

    College student Mitsuki Ayase has a crush on her best friend Umi Hoshino.
    They sneak out from a singles dating party and go to a public bath that was just about to close. As usual, Mitsuki hears all about Umi's love stories. A fleeting love story about the line between friendship and love.

    Masashi Sogawa / 0:16:53 / Japan / Romance / 2023

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    Basri and Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy

    A husband and wife married for five years, own an Odong-Odong at the carnival together, spending their days entertaining and taking care of other people’s children without any of their own.
    Between meddling relatives, self-doubt and an explosive confrontation, they uncover why they have not been blessed with a child.

    Khozy Rizal / 0:15:00 / Indonesia / Comedy / 2023

    mature Mature Content:
    These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

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    Chuff Chuff Chuff

    A young man from Hong Kong wakes up. He finds his home transformed into a train car. He feels like he is still dreaming. But the woman who speaks Mandarin said this was not his dream.

    Koi Wang Chao / 0:07:00 / Taiwan, Macao / Sci-Fi / 2023

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    HKTB presents the micro-film series Hong Kong in the Lens by Asian Directors. Directed by Kang Yun-Sung (The Outlaws), starring Woo Hye-rim from Wonder Girls and Hwang Chan-sung from 2PM.

    Hong Kong, Within Me

    • Special Screening

    The brain behind The Outlaws and Big Bet, Kang Yun-Sung takes on a whole new frontier—fantasy. Hye-rim finds herself trapped in a never-ending dream—meeting an old friend, discovering new places and creating fond memories, and the day repeats. But how can she return to reality? Or does she actually want to stay here forever?

    Kang Yun-Sung / 0:15:35 / South Korea / Romance / 2023

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    A Moment Frozen

    Frozen within the memory of a single violent moment, a woman describes the events, thoughts and feelings that led her to this place.

    Jack Wake-Walker / 0:12:19 / United Kingdom / Experimental / 2023

    mature Mature Content:
    These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

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    In the mid-90s in London, a businesswoman finds herself hot under the collar during her lunch break. She heads to the closest phone booth and calls her boyfriend for phone sex. This is a regular occurrence for them and it gets heated fast. What happens next comes as a surprise.

    Mac Montero / 0:03:09 / United Kingdom / Comedy / 2023

    mature Mature Content:
    These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

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    In a world where everyone brings their Baggage to the table, a blind date goes awry.

    Tim Hendrix / 0:13:29 / United States / Comedy / 2024

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    Joel and My are torn between breaking up or giving the relationship another try. A situation they have been in so many times before. A struggle between following your heart or letting rationality make the decision.

    Jakob Arevärn / 0:03:30 / Sweden / Drama / 2024

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    A full whale starved to death.

    One day, Takuhiko Kitamura returns to his parents' house in Gifu. He notices a postcard sent to him by a classmate from his high school days and visits the place pictured on it. This is a drama depicting an exchange through postcards.

    Tetsutaro Yaguchi / 0:20:12 / Japan / Drama / 2023

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    The Prince’s Dilemma

    Prince Philip, who longing to be with a prince of his own, must decide to follow the traditional tale or forge his own happily ever after.

    Devin Rowe / 0:04:59 / United States / Animation / 2023




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