Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2024 shortlist (2nd)

Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2024 shortlist (2nd)

We are releasing a shortlist from among the entries for the Academy Awards® eligible categories (Live-action Competition, Animation competition, and Non-fiction competition) for the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024.

In September, we received a total of 1185 entries. In particular, there were many entries from the United States, Republic of Korea, Spain, Japan, and France, as well as Nigeria, Qatar, and Montenegro. 36% of the submitted films were directed by female filmmakers, 28% from first time filmmakers, & 27 % were student projects. Regarding film genres, we received many comedies as well as human dramas. Musical films are particularly trending right now. Also films about aliens are another trend. But these stories are not about aliens invading the Earth, or war with space aliens like in the past sci-fi films. These are stories about our daily lives while on a planet with other “alien” species. The films are metaphors of how we as society need to learn to live and accept the diversity of our own world, to live in peace with all our differences.  

〜SSFF & ASIA 2024 shortlist(2nd)~
~ The name of the film, the director name, and the country name will be listed in alphabetical order by category ~

Title Director Country of Origin
■International/Live-action Competition
2720 Basil da Cunha Portugal
Agnus Day Giuseppe Isoni Italy
An Afternoon Punch-Up (Un après-midi à se fesser dessus) Garance Chagnon-Grégoire Canada
Ashen (Cenizo) Gustavo Hernández de Anda Mexico
Be Right Back (Ahora vuelvo) Lucas Paulin & Gabe Ibáñez Spain
Brand New Quincy Ledbetter & Denzel Whitaker United States
Bunk Piotr Jasiński Czech Republic
Complications (Komplikasjoner) Ivar Aase Norway
Digital Diary Yasmine Scheft Israel
Empty Your Pockets Tara Aghdashloo Canada
Furious (Furieuses) Thomas Vernay France
Handyman William Findinge Denmark
I Come from the Sea Feyrouz Serhal Lebanon
INTELLIGENCE Jeanne Frenkel & Cosme Castro France
Mussol Juanjo Giménez Spain
My Week with Maisy Mika Simmons United Kingdom
Nélida Marina Artigas & Celeste Lois Uruguay
On Fumes Zhengyi Liu United States
Paper Charles Wahl Canada
Power Signal Oscar Boyson United States
Quiet Night Thought (静夜思) Yuxin Cao Australia
Shooting Watermelons Antonio Donato United Kingdom
Sushi Iván Morales Spain
The things to come (L’avenir) Santiago Ráfales Spain
Unibrow Nedda Sarshar Canada
White Ant Shalini Adnani United Kingdom
Yaya (Yaya Libre) Leticia Akel Escárate Chile
■Asia International / Live-action Competition
Back to Work (落跑佳麗) Zoe Chang Taiwan
Basri & Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy Khozy Rizal Indonesia
Cross My Heart and Hope To Die Sam Manacsa Philippines
Death Anniversary (سالمرگ) Armin Keshvari Iran
Maybe Someday (Kala Nanti) Praditha Blifa Indonesia
Red Envelope Tami N/A Xu Taiwan
Seeding, Blossoming, Fruiting (像花儿一样) Junsong Ling China
The Witness Tree (साक्षी-रूख) Niranjan Raj Bhetwal Nepal
What are you thinking? (무슨 생각) Yeonsung HWANG Korea, Republic of
■Japan / Live-action Competition
「鮮やかに笑ってくれ」 Reika Nishihata Japan
一途 Koichi Yamashina Japan
fold a lie Hiroki Sato Japan
salty blue Masashi Sogawa Japan
cafune Sara Masuda Japan
Catch up Hironori Kujiraoka Japan
くそくらえ! Miyamoto Kosei  Japan
FAAAWWW!!! Koji Oniki Japan
■Animation Competition
About a cow Pavla Baštanová Czech Republic
COLD SOUP (Sopa Fria) Marta Monteiro Portugal
Crush Michal Socha & Jakub Socha Poland
GOODBYE MY WORLD (AU REVOIR MON MONDE) Estelle Bonnardel, Quentin Devred, Baptiste Duchamps, Maxime Foltzer, Florian Maurice & Astrid Novais France
I Saw a Ghost, and It Was Beautiful Bobby Fernando Indonesia
Long Distance Nadja Tanno Switzerland
Madeleine Raquel Sancinetti Canada
Nube Diego Alonso Sánchez de la Barquera Estrada Mexico
SEPIA NOTES Fumiko Kumagai Japan
Sheep Out Zofia Klamka Poland
Sheep Story Rakel Andrésdóttir Czech Republic
SILHOUETTE Alexis Lafuente, Baptiste Gueusquin, Elliot Dreuille, Marc Forest  & Antoni Nicolaï  France
The First Metahuman Yi Le Norway
The Illustrated Woman (La Mujer Ilustrada) Isabel Herguera Spain
Where Rabbits Come From Colin Ludvic Racicot Canada
■Non-Fiction Competition
Black Crowns (Coronas Negras) André Lô Sánchez Mexico
 (دارتاش) Carpenter  Xelîl Sehragerd Iran, Islamic Republic of
Crooked (Torcidos) Charlie García Villalba Spain
Fugue Maria Alice Arida Brazil
The People of the Great River Ayumi Miyano Ireland
Life as usual Yuichiro Yamada Japan
The Eyeball Person Yuri Muraoka  Japan
酪農家最後の日〜世話になった命をいただく〜 Hitoshi Fujio Japan


Festival selections will be made from among the shortlisted films. The shortlist films will be selected monthly until the end of March, 2024 and will be uploaded on the festival’s official website by the end of April, 2024.This month’s shortlist is mainly for films submitted by the end of September, but the timing of the announcements may vary.