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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017

cinemaTIC cinemaTEC!

cinemaTIC cinemaTEC!

The 19th edition of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), Academy Awards® accredited and one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals, was held from June 1 (Thu) to June 25 (Sun). This year we received a record number of around 9,000 submissions from more than 140 different countries and regions. In 2017 we received 20,363 festival attendees.


This year, with an extended screening period of almost one month. Approximately 250 films screened across the seven competition categories and special programs.

Cinema culture bloomed in the 20th century and has been entertaining people for generations. Nowadays, digital arts and technology have enhanced and created a modern cinematic culture. As the years go by, the world of cinema has evolved but at the same time, the concept of entertaining one another through film has stayed the same.

This year’s theme “cinemaTIC! cinemaTEC!” covers the timeless feeling one can get from watching an entertaining piece, and how to approach filmmaking in a time where technology is constantly evolving.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017



Autumn Short Film Harvest Selection

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), Academy Awards® accredited and one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals, was held every year as a sponsored project of Tokyo International Film Festival.

It is held every year with the goal of spreading the appeal of short films and nurturing young filmmakers. In addition to the winning titles of SSFF & ASIA 2017 Grand Prix, you were able to enjoy short films from all over the world. There were also events and seminars with many different guests invited. It was held at 2 places, Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills [10/16 (Mon) – 18 (Wed)] and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum [10/19 (Thu) – 22 (Sun)].

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017 Autumun

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017 Digest

Festival Ambassador


Popular film commentator LiLiCo was appointed as the Festival Ambassador two years ago. She appeared at the Opening Ceremony and other events throughout the festival, energizing the crowd and getting audiences in a convivial mood.

Concept movie

It was produced with collaboration with VICE PLUS on the theme of this year's film festival theme "cinema TIC! Cinema TEC!". With the Lumière brothers' arrival of the train "as a motif, it expresses the cinematic experience.


Opening Ceremony

This year’s official lineup was introduced at the Opening Ceremony, with a selection of awards and projects also announced. Jury members and numerous celebrities participating in various projects were in attendance at this impressive start to the festival.

Shibuya Diversity Award

This year we created our first ever concept movie. Based on the 2016 theme "Cinema Carnival - Explore Your Emotions", it starred actor Eiji Okuda.

Book Shorts Award:“Yuki no ijō-na taishitsu/ mata wa boku wa dore hodo o-kane ga hoshi ka" Ao Oomae 

Spotlight Award "SEED" by MIU MIU
This award is given to the creator or artist of a short film that inspires a broad audience and receives widespread public attention, as chosen by the Committee for Short Shorts.
Naomi Kawase|Japan|19:12|2016
Starring Sakura Ando

Save the Earth! Competition Best Short Award (Minister’s Award, the Ministry of the Environment)/ J-WAVE Award

avex digital Award
The avex digital AWARD is given to the winner of the International Short Film Pitch Competition, which offers a chance to receive a budget of up to 100 million Japanese Yen to produce a short film. This year's winner was announced and the award was given to Minami Goto, which was presented by Chikara Nishizawa (Corporate Executive, avex digital Inc.) and Rila Fukushima (Model/Actress).

Joey Horvitz from The Weinstein Company, Kazuo Okino and Spiros Fotinos from Lexus International made appearances and announced the call for entries for the 4th LEXUS SHORT FILMS, as well as the seminar which featured by the film director Keishi Otomo, as part of their project to support creators.


An After Party was held at INTERSECT BY LEXUS ‒ TOKYO following the festival’s Opening Ceremony. Many fabulous guests joined in the excitement of the party.


At INTERSECT BY LEXUS ‒TOKYO, LEXUS SHORT FILM THEATER showcased four films for the 3rd LEXUS SHORT FILMS which started streaming online on June 1st as well as the past LEXUS SHORT FILMS and short films highly acclaimed at film festivals around the world.

Competitions Program

International Competition

For the International Competition this year, we received 5385 submissions from 22 countries and regions outside of Asia, and screened 40 selected short films. Out of this record breaking number of submissions, the selected shorts, even though short in length, were able to surprise and move audiences.

Asia International Program

For the Asia International Competition this year, we received 1220 submissions from 14 Asian countries and regions excluding Japan and screened 21 selected short films. These shorts highlight the distinct cultures and customs found in Asia, as well as illuminate the unique colors and images of these exotic countries. In recent years, the short films from Asia have explored common worldwide themes such as love & romance which are included as part of a very strong and entertaining line-up.

Japan Program

From Japan, we had selected 16 short films from 333 submissions. The programs had a wide range of genres and styles to enjoy from dramas and comedies to documentaries.

Save the Earth! Program supported by RINREI

The theme of this competition includes all aspects of the environment and the Earth we live on. This year, we welcomed RINREI, a company that creates an ideal living environment, as a new sponsor. We screened 8 submissions out of 641 submissions from 85 countries.

CG Animation Program

The latest CG animation shorts created by leading CG animators were gathered. 19 films out of 585 submissions from 64 countries were screened.

Cinematic Tokyo Program

For this newly established competition, we received short film submissions from all over the world which express the diverse attractions of Tokyo. The criteria for this competition is not limited to being filmed on location in Tokyo, but includes those that contain themes which evoke “Tokyo”, memories of “Tokyo”, or even imaginations of “Tokyo”. We screened 9 nominated films, selected from 244 submissions from 54 countries and regions around the world.

Music Short Program

Established in 2009, the Music Shorts Competition introduces original short films that have been inspired by the music of established artists. We screened 6 selected films.

Music Video Program

Started in 2016, the Music Video Competition introduces official music videos created for artists from Japan and around the world. We gathered a selection of the most cinematic and innovative works that deliver dramatic narratives, told from a short film perspective. It was a jam-packed lineup that showcased a variety of high quality works. We screened 16 selected films.


Academy Program

As an Academy Award® accredited short film festival, we proudly introduced the Academy Awards® Program. SSFF & ASIA 2016 Grand Prix winner "Sing", recipient of the Best Live Action Short this year, and was screened along with three other Oscar® nominated short films.

Cannes Program

A special selection from Cannes Film festival 2016; one of the most significant festivals in the world. Below is a message from film director Naomi Kawase. Of the many short films shown at Cannes Film Festival last year, every one of them was very creative. The audiences were touched by deeply heartfelt stories, told within very short periods. Out of those amazing films, a selection will be shown, so now you can see some of the Cannes films right here in Japan! (Naomi Kawase, President of both the Cinefondation section and the Short Film Jury for Cannes Film Festival 2016.)

French Film Festival 2017 - Short Film Selection

The French Film Festival (6/22~6/25), once again running at nearly the same time as SSFF & ASIA, proudly presented a selection of short films. The highlight being the screening of a Unifrance original short featuring Catherine Deneuve and three other French actresses for its Japan Premiere. The rest of the lineup included some more recent shorts from very talented filmmakers.

Special Program from Cannes

Of the many short films shown at Cannes Film Festival last year, every one of them was very creative. The audiences were touched by deeply heart-felt stories, told within very short periods. Out of those amazing films, a selection will be shown, so now you can see some of the Cannes films right here in Japan! (Naomi Kawase, President of both the Cinefondation section and the Short Film Jury for Cannes Film Festival 2016.)

KIDS Program

A program that featured short films suitable for children 6 years and under Focusing on non-dialogue works, this is a program that drew in both adults and children in.

Fashion Shorts Program

In recent years, fashion companies have produced short films as a tool to promote their brand. Since 2014, SSFF & ASIA has paid attention to these unique collaborations between fashion brands and "short film", and screened a special program focusing on fashion shorts.

Shibuya Diversity Program

Shibuya City collaborated with SSFF & ASIA and presented the Shibuya Diversity Award to a short film which promotes diversity and inclusion to spread the basic concept of Shibuya. In this program we screened all nominated films, as well as the awarded film.

War and the Power to Live Program supported by Red Cross

As globalism accelerates towards a borderless world, events occurring in other areas may affect us here in Japan too. This program introduced the lives and conflicted circumstances of various people and helped us to think about the “Power to Live”.

cinema TEC! Program

A special program focusing on this year's theme "cinema TEC" – techniques and technologies used in cinema. From an animated Martin Scorsese talking about framing and his movie making roots to the latest short films using VFX and GoPro, the audiences could find a "cinema TEC" world in this program.

Focus on Denmark

A special short film program celebrating the 150th anniversary of Japan-Denmark diplomatic relations. "The Perfect Human" was remade in 2003 by Jørgen Leth himself and Lars von Trier who directed "Dancer in the Dark" and "Dogville".

Edinburgh Short Film Festival Program

A selection of short films from the Edinburgh Short Film Fesitival in Scotland. This program screened a wide variety of English, Irish and Scottish short films including an animated film narrated by Irish actor, Liam Cunningham.

Kaohsiung Film Festival Program from Taiwan

In our 7th collaboration with Kaohsiung Film Festival(KFF), held annually in Taiwan’s second largest city, we delivered an attractive array of short films showcasing Taiwan’s new wave.

"New Ways of Seeing" Screening of “New Ways of Seeing”

“New Ways of Seeing,” produced by Tiffany & Co. Ltd., was screened in International Programs 1 -5, as well as in between each program at Omotesando Hills Space O.

Andaz Tokyo PROGRAM Personal Program / Love Romance Program

Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Andaz Toyko, SSFF & ASIA collaborated with the hotel once again to present a selection of short films only to be screened at this venue. In correlation with the Andaz brand philosophy of “personal style” and the "indigenous" concept, we crafted two programs. One addressed “Personality” and featured unique films gathered from around the world, and the other had the theme “Love Romance,” which depicted the chemical reaction of life between different personalities. We also had the Andaz Salon social event, which featured the screening of short films and a talk session.

Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF) Program from Korea

We presented a special selection of shorts from Asiana International Short Film Festival, one of the largest festivals of its kind in South Korea. With leading Korean actor Sung-Ki Ahn serving as Festival Director, they will celebrates their 15th edition this year.

Cinema Fighters Program

The new project consisted of 6 short films inspired by music and moving images. It was produced in collaboration with 6 talented filmmakers, including award-winning director Naomi Kawase, and featured music by Masato Odake who has written hit songs for many top Japanese artists. These 6 short films were shown at a special premiere event and program.

Events Seminar

Short Film Seminar: What is "Cinematic"? What is "Cinematec"?

Ben Thompson, the shortfilm programmer for the Tribeca Film Festival, which is one of the biggest festivals in the world, led a seminar on the festival's criteria for selecting short films as well as what makes a film “cinematic.” In addition he talked on the advance of filming through the use of VR & drone technology & how it will change or affect filmmaking in the future.

Screening and Award Presentation of ‘Kawagoe City Short Film Award'

SSFF & ASIA supported the "Kawagoe City Short Film Award"(Prize:600,000yen), a competition organized by Kawagoe City focusing on movies filmed in Kawagoe City, by hosting its award ceremony and screening nominated films.Jurors; Masachika Ichimura and Tetsuya Bessho made appearance.

Screening and Award Presentation of‘Ibaraki Short Film Award’

SSFF & ASIA supported the “Ibaraki Short Film Award,”(Prize:1,000,000yen) contest organized by Ibaraki Prefecture by announcing the award winner and screening nominated films.

Hulu presents Tonko House's Journey in 2017

“The Dam Keeper” received the 2015 Academy Award® nomination for Best Animated Short Film. From the creators of the short film comes a new short series, “Pig - The Dam Keeper Poems”, which will be premiered on Hulu (Japan) this summer. Members of the animation studio Tonko House appeared as guests to talk about their past works and future plans.

Screening and Award Presentation of‘FutureCity Yokohama Award’nominated films

In order to raise awareness about the future of Yokohama”, the City of Yokohama and SSFF & ASIA present the “FutureCity Yokohama Award” to the short film that best depicts an environmentally friendly lifestyle for the future, making use of technological advancements. We screened a short film titled “A Grain of Wheat,” co-produced by the City of Yokohama and SSFF & ASIA.


The new project consisted of 6 short films inspired by music and moving images. It was produced in collaboration with 6 talented filmmakers, including award-winning director Naomi Kawase, and featured music by Masato Odake who has written hit songs for many top Japanese artists. These 6 short films were shown at a special premiere event and program.

Award Ceremony

Invited guests attended the Award Ceremony on June 11th, which was held at Meiji Jingu. Jurors of the various competitions gathered here to announce the best short films that were chosen from each of the competitions, and the Grand Prix was chosen from among the winners of the main competitions. The Grand Prix winning short film is eligible for nomination at next year’s Academy Awards®


Grand PrixSugar & SpiceDirector Mi mi Lwin

Official Competition International

Award Winner THE WORLD IN YOUR WINDOW / Director : Zoe McIntosh

Official Competition Asia International

Award Winner / Governor of Tokyo Award Sugar & Spice / Mi mi Lwin

Official Competition Japan

Award Winner / Governor of Tokyo Awardborn,bone,boon. / Director : Gori

Save the Earth! Competition supported by RINREI Best Short Award

Water, Please / Director : Mlu Godola

Save the Earth! Competition supported by RINREI J-WAVE Award

Gardeners of the Forest / Director : Ceylan Carhoglu &Nicole Jordan-Webber

Music Shorts Competition Encouragement Award

far away / Director : Yuho Ishibashi

Music Video Competition Best Short Award

Witch Doctor / Director : Floris Kaayk & Studio Smack


Yukotopia / Director : Daigo Matsui

CG Animation Competition Best Short Award

Way of Giants / Director : Alois Di Leoque

Best Actor & Actress Award

International Competition Best Actor & Actress AwardActor: Chris Fortuna / Big City
イInternational Competition Best Actor & Actress Award Actress :Evgenia Dodina / Anna
Asia International Competition Best Actor & Actress Award Actor : Seung-il Hong / Hitchhiker
Asia International Competition Best Actor & Actress Award Actress : Pan Ruo Yao / Seed
Japan Competition Best Actor & Actress Award Actor : Tomoji Yamashiro / born,bone,boon
Japan Competition Best Actor & Actress AwardActress : Mika Kuroki / April Fish

Audience Award

International Competition Get Up Kinshasa! / Director : Sébastien Maitre
Asia International Competition The Great Legacy / Director : Keun-suk Jang
Japan Competition SIREN / Director : Nobuyuki Miyake

Cinematic Tokyo Competition Best Short Award


BRANDED National Category

The World is one future, Japan, South Africa and Australia

Book Shorts


Visual Tourism Award, Japan Tourism Argency Commisioner's Award

Go! Hatto Tome-Muso

・Visual Tourism International Award

・VISIT JAPAN Special Award

Shibuya Diverisity Award

Samira / Director : Charlotte A. Rolfes

Fashion Short of the Year

Falling Up / Director : Niall O'Brien

FutureCity Yokohama Award

A Hole / Director : Maribel Suárez

Spotlight Award

PACALIEN / Director : Toshiko Hata

Kitemiru Kawagoe Short Film Award

Let's meet in the treasure pond / Director : Hiroki Inoue

Ibaraki Short Film Award

MITOKOMON Z / Director : Showgo Ookawa


Official Competition Jury

Nobuhiko Obayashi (Filmmaker)
Tomoaki Ogura (News Caster)
Ben Thompson (Tribeca Film Festival - Shorts Programmer )
Marie (TV Personality / Designer)
Hiroshi Mikami (Actor)

Save the Earth! Competition supported by RINREI Jury

Naoko Ogigami (Film Director, Writer)
Soichiro Tahara (Journalist)
Natsuki Yasuda (Photo journalist )

CG Animation Competition Jury

Yuki Matsushita (actress)
Tomoyuki Sugiyama (President, Digital Hollywood University)

Branded Shorts

As traditional communication strategies become less effective in forming consumer engagement, an increasing number of companies are breaking into movie marketing. “Branded movies” are unique in that they produce value for consumers with the power of storytelling and entertainment while reflecting on a brand’ s philosophies and ideas. SSFF & ASIA launched BRANDED SHORTS in 2016 and has built a network of ad agencies and brands in addition to over 50,000 creators and production companies. With BRANDED SHORTS, the festival aims to connect these four parties and boost each business by providing a platform that adapts to the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

The Latest Trends in Branding and Visual Creativity for Branded Movies - Global Conference powered by Nestlé Japan

Filmmakers and high-profile creatives who have made popular commercials discussed the current state and the future of branded movies. They also looked into the current issues with video marketing and offered solutions through a creative perspective.

The Award Ceremony for Branded Shorts of the Year and Talk Event featuring Jury members

Jury President Yoichi Sai and Festival President Tetsuya Bessho presented the trophies to the Branded Shorts winners. Along with the Award Ceremony, jury members made appearances and discussed this year’s Branded Shorts.

New Branded Shorts by Nestlé Japan, “Wakareuta” Premiere announcement

Nestlé Japan, the leader of video marketing in Japan, announced the premiere of their new branded movie “Wakareuta.” Director Hitomi Kuroki (Actress), who made her directorial short film debut, Mako Ishino (Actress) and Kozoh Takaoka of Nestlé Japan joined to talk about this new branded movie.

What are emotional branded movies? ~ Brand design across multiple media~

Takashi Matsuo, Jiro Nishida from YTV, Takatoshi Nakao from Dentsu Inc., and Tetsuya Bessho discussed how branded movies touch, amuse or impact our emotions in unique ways.