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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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Award Winners- STOP! Global Warming Competition

STOP! Global Warming Competition Best Short Award

An award selected by 3 jury, given to the best film out of the STOP! Global Warming Competition.


The Bill
Peter Wedel / Germany / 4:25 / Comedy / 2009

Three friends meet in a bar and start talking about their lives. Cars, holidays, energy, and diet represent a colorful range of "climate sins". With the appearance of the barmaid, the film takes a surprising change of course…

Director : Peter Wedel
Photo : Co-writer: Heiner Rosch received the award on behalf of the director.

It was already a surprise and a great honor to be invited to the festival. To win the STOP! Global Warming Competition is just fantastic. Thank you very much for this award. Thanks to the jury, thanks to all the people who organized this, thanks in the name of Heiner, the co-writer, who represented the film on the festival and who had a great time in Tokyo. Unfortunately I couldn't visit the festival by myself this year - so the challenge is to take the money from the award for another movie for next years competition...


Born in 1969 in Duisburg, Peter studied theatre, film, and television. He has worked with off-theatre groups as producer, director, and actor. Peter debuted in 2008 as director, screenwriter and producer of short films.

J-WAVE Award

Five selected J-WAVE listeners will select the award winner from STOP! Global Warming Competition.


“RIVER” also won the Audience Award in the STOP! Global Warming Competition.RIVER
Shinya Imaizumi / Japan / 10:00 / Documentary / 2009

Somewhere in Okinawa, close to a busy market, a pair of waterfowls lives in an urban, man-made river. Normally, no one pays attention to these small birds. But these birds remind us that no matter how much mankind impacts nature, life will find a way to prosper.

Director : Shinya Imaizumi

Thank you so much for my 2 awards. To the audiences who watched my film & to the staff & volunteers who worked the festival, thank you very much. You have my greatest respect because you worked from morning to night without being able to even watch your favorite short film.

On my daily commute route to & from work, everyday I passed the river where the 2 birds lived & one day, due to a heavy rain, the eggs were washed away. There was nothing I could do but just take pictures.

Eventually, the reason I started filming the birds was due to having the feeling of the need to take action and the desire to tell their story. It is necessary to do both and with this award, I will take action to live up to expectations for the children of the future.


Born in 1970, Shinya is a photographer whose main subjects are "People & Nature." An avid outdoors man, he has been climbing and free-diving since high school. Shinya entered the film production arena in 2007.