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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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Music Short Creative Competition

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June 12th Sat Omotesando Hills Space O 20:15 - 22:05
June 19th Sat Brillia Short Shorts Theater 12:50 - 14:40
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Special PresentationYūkkina
Seiki Watanabe / 2010 / Japan / 11:38

An influential politician loses his wife who has supported him for 40 years. One day a young girl who introduces herself as his wife's “friend" shows up and gives him a video. Watching the video, he realizes that there was another side to his wife.

Artist : Maki Ohguro / Anata dake mitsumeteru



Director : Seiki Watanabe

Graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1996, a bachelor's degree in Film Studies. Since the time in the United States awakened his identity as a “Japanese," he has been constantly making films, wishing them to be what he calls “Japanese films"

Special Invitation Screening : Japanese SongUtsukushiki tennen

Seitaro Kobayashi / 2010 / Japan / 6:27

The sounds eminating from trash in a field of tsll grass draw together a young boy and a mysterious girl.

© にほんのうた

Artist : Maia Barouh / Utsukushiki tennen


Director : Seitaro Kobayashi

Born in 1971. After graduated from Kansai University, he worked as assistant for Hajime Imai. Then he joined 'Cinema Juku' founded by Kazuo Hara. He also worked as assistant director on Hara's "Filmmaker, Kirio Urayama no Shouzou." After working in production for feature films, he debuted with "Kazoku no hiketsu." for which he received the Newcomer Award from the Directors Guild of Japan, and the Shindo Kaneto Award.

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Masafumi Yamada / 2010 / Japan / 2:56

A man flees to a strange city where he finds work as a security guard. He becomes more and more disillusioned with his daily life & starts to lose his humanity. Then there is a woman who waits alone for him to come home to their apartment.

Artist : Watanabe Takashi / Naki no BABIN


Director : Masafumi Yamada

Yamada is a graduate of Visual Arts College, Osaka. In 2004, his film "TSUMURO" was screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Pusan International Film Festival, as well as the PIA Film Festival. He is now working on a project called "Tenshi Toppa Rokuchome".

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Today's story
Shizuka Abe / 2010 / Japan / 4:43

This movie focuses on everyday life. I captured the "passion" that is hard to appreciate in our mundane daily life. "Passion" is the theme of the title song as well.

Artist : Taro Hakase / Jyonetsu tairiku 2007


Director : Shizuka Abe

Abe was born in Sapporo, in 1990. She is a graduate of Hokkaido Sapporo Hiragishi High School's Art Design Program. Currently she is studying at Hokkaido University's School of Education (Iwamizawa Campus) focusing on a major in animation from the Department of Fine Arts and Music.

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University in Tokyo
Naomichi Higashimori / 2010 / Japan / 9:58

Hiroya is in his second year trying to get into an university and has been dating Yuri, a 2nd year student, who he's been dating since high school. But due to their circumstances, a distance starts to form between them...

Artist : otonamode / Shinjuku


Director : Naomichi Higashimori


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never ever
Daisuke Imai / 2010 / Japan / 5:07

Through a seemingly petty argument over half-cooked broccoli, the film portrays the beauty and fragility of relationships in the real world.

Artist : Genki Rockets / Never Ever


Director : Daisuke Imai

Imai decided to become a videograoher after making a hand-drawn-animation project for his thesis. After graduation, he worked for a CG video production company for two and half years. Currently, he is hoping to find himself while making videos.

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Sumi Shibata / 2010 / Japan / 9:22

Haruka is too consumed by her problems to notice that her friend Seiji has a crush on her. She is baffled over the secrets hidden in a book called Night of the Galaxy Express. While Seiji trails Haruka, he gets a call…

Artist : uminecosounds / Haru ga kuru made


Director : Sumi Shibata

Shibata was born in 1991. Curently studying music video production at Toho Filmmaking School.

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Aya Fujita / 2010 / Japan / 4:03

The first impression I had of the song “Ningen (Human)", brought to mind for me the image of a man living under a tall bell tower while a bird soars majestically in the sky above.

Artist : THE BACK HORN / Ningen


Director : Aya Fujita

Fujita was born in Tokyo in 1987. In 2002, she got to know the rock group The Back Horn. She shot her first film in 2009 and currently (2010), she is attending graduate school and producing a multimedia film on the side.

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Do you know your neighbor's face?
Keiki Yokokawa / 2010 / Japan / 8:35

Leads a “normal" everyday life, have “normal" interactions with people, experiences “normal" feelings, but doesn't realize what's good about "normal."

Artist : TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND / Do you know your neighbor's face?


Director : Keiki Yokokawa


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eternal flower
Tsuyoshi Nunoe / 2010 / Japan / 5:44

Once upon a time in a land far away a tragically beautiful love story involving a makeup artist, a princess and a maid unfolds. This bittersweet story entwines characters from all levels of the class system.

Artist : Jun Shibata / Tsubaki


Director : Tsuyoshi Nunoe

Nunoe participated in Hakone Ekiden(a famous long distance relay race). After that, he decided to become a videographer. In a three-year span, he has made 18 short films, music videos and commercials. A great number of his works have been accepted by many competitions.

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Two of many young men
Takayuki Fukuya / 2010 / USA/Japan / 4:43

Iori aimlessly goes through life. Hiraku's life evolves around playing around and having fun. Both try to achieve the same goal through different means.

Artist : Shigeru Izumiya / Umare ochita mono e


Director : Takayuki Fukuya

Fukuya traveled to the US in 2000, to attend The University of New Mexico, Department of Media Arts. He graduated in 2007 and now lives in New York.

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INORI pray
Secky Chang / 2010 / Japan / 5:18


Artist : Nao Watanabe / Inori


Director : Secky Chang

Real name: Masatoshi Sekino. From 1992 - 1999 was active as an actor in the theatrical troupe S.E.T. After leaving the troupe began learning filmmaking while continuing as actor.

Special Invitation Screening : Japanese SongHamabe no uta

Miano Tadano / 2010 / Japan / 8:25

This is a story about a boy who becomes a little more mature through an interesting summer vacation homework assignment.

© にほんのうた

Artist : Miyuki Hatakeyama with ASA-CHANG & Blue Hats / Hamabe no uta


Director : Miano Tadano

Born in Tokyo, in 1973. As actor, he received the Newcomer Award in 1998 from the Mainichi Film Awards for "French Dressing" directed by Hisashi Saito. He debuted as a director and writer in 2005 for "3-nen migomoru" and which was also published as a novel. He has appeared in many films including "Barren Illusion," "BULLET BALLET," and "Blood and Bones."