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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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Music Short PV

Program ID      
June 12th Sat Brillia Short Shorts Theater 12:50 - 14:40
June 17th Thu Laforet Museum Harajuku 19:50 - 21:40
Special Invitation ScreeningTHE KNIT CAP MAN
Shunji Iwai / Japan / 1997 / 16:00

THE KNIT CAP MAN commemorates the 20th anniversary of the legendary rock band Moonriders. Being a fan himself, Iwai initially directed a video for the titular song, then added Yasujiro Ozu-style footage of writer Shigesato Itoi with Moonriders.

Artist : Moon riders


Director : Shunji Iwai / Auther : Shigesato Itoi

Iwai Shunji wrote and directed many projects, earning a reputation for his distinctive visual style now known as "Iwai Aesthetics," defined in his films like "Swallowtail Butterfly" and "hana & alice."


Shigesato Itoi was born in Gunma in 1948. He is the editor of "Hobo Nikkan Itoi Newspaper." He was awarded the best newcomer in 1975 by the Tokyo Copywriters Club. He also writes lyrics, poetry, essays, novels, and produces games.

Nanimonai Sekai
Shinji Matsuda / Japan / 2010 / 7:20

Matsuda pays respect with love to the band, Eastern Youth. He wrote, directed and stars in this short along with members of his band, THE BACK HORN. "To have or not to have." Takes a unique viewpoint of a reality where things don't exist.

Artist : THE BACKHORN THE BACK HORN has participated in many collaborations with the visual world, having created music for films like "Akarui Mirai" & "Casshern." They continue, in conjunction with the visual world, to make music that resonates with and sways the heart.

Director : Shinji MatsudaMatsuda was born in 1978 in Fukuoka. He is the drummer and leader of the rock band THE BACK HORN.

Shuichi Bamba / Japan / 2006 / 17:28

Yo is going to a fireworks show with her boyfriend. On the way, she speaks of her humorous mother. But, actually, her mother had passed away on the day of a fireworks show three years ago. She looks up to see fireworks as she mourns her mother.

Artist : Kurumi EnomotoFrom Nagoya. Kurumi Enomoto made her major debut in April, 2006. This video is of her second sg released July the same year. Her one and only singing voice and presence cannot be expressed by common terms like diva. It’s beyond description.


Director : Shuichi BambaBorn in Kyoto. A member of MAZRI, Bamba is a visual artist who directs mainly music videos. In 2009, he directed a feature film "THEE MOVIE". At SSFF 2003, he’s received the Spotlight Award for Shiina Ringo "KALEIDOSCOPE Hyakuiro Megane-".

Heath Ledger / USA / 2007 / 5:10

Heath Ledger directed this music video just before his untimely death. A collaboration with Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock.

Artist : ModestmouseModest Mouse was formed in 1994 in Washington State. For their 2007 release "We were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank," they recruited former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. The album debuted at #1 on the US charts. They have become one of the leaders of the "indie" rock music movement.


Director : Heath Ledger Heath was born in Australia and had starred in many films befor he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor with "Brokeback Mountain." He died suddenly at age 28 in 2008 right after completing filming for "Dark Knight" for which he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. As he built his legacy in Hollywood, he was also well known as a music lover.

Wedding dress
Jae-hyuk Jang / South Korea / 2009 / 4:43


Artist : SOLSOL is a member of BIGBANG, an extremely popular group that has performed in Japan as well. His sweet vocals has been compared to Ne-Yo and has already released a debut solo album. He speaks Japanese very well and is the spokesman for the group whenever they are in Japan.


Director : Jae-hyuk Jang Jae-hyuk's short film "Me…Steak" received popular acclaim at the Manburg International Film Festival in 1999. He is Korea's No.1 music video director and has won many awards. He currently has his own country creating primally TV commercials.

YUKOU !!!!
Tomoo Noda / Japan / 2009 / 4:28

The theme of this short is gratitude! Let's journey into the future as we give thanks to various people and occurences along the way. That is the concept!

Artist : LINDBERGLINDBERG debuted in April, 1989 and scored a breakout hit with "Imasugu Kiss Me," which was released the followng year. After breaking up in August of 2002, they successfully re-united for a limited one year stint in 2009!


Director : Tomoo Noda Noda was born in Fukuoka in September, 1969. In 1993 he began working at Imagica and became a freelancer in 2004. As a director, cinematographer, and editor, he has consistently worked in many commercials and music videos.

Love Notes Twelve Fruits
Toshiro Sonoda / Japan / 2009 / 35:00

Over time, an encounter with the love song of two people. Hidden in the depths of a long unused piano; an old sheet of stationery, an exchange diary, and sheet music. Revealed within is the bittersweet love story of a language teacher who dreams of being a writer and a music teacher who plays a beautiful melody on the piano.

Artist : The GospellersAfter making some member changes from their Waseda University acapella vocal group line-up, the Gospellers debuted on a major recorde label in 1994 with "Promise" on Ki/oon Records Inc. They have since recorded many hits. Currently they are busy providing & producing hits for many other artists & starting solo careers. As pioneers of the Japanese pop vocal group scene, they have released albums throughout Asia.

Director : Toshiro SonodaSonoda has directed in a wide range of genres including music videos for The Gospellers, CHEMISTRY, & GLAY; as well as commercials, cell phone dramas, and short films.