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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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Music Short PV

Program ID      
June 14th Mon Brillia Short Shorts Theater 15:00 - 16:50
June 18th Fri Brillia Short Shorts Theater 15:00 - 16:50
NIJI (Long Version)
Shuichi Bamba / Japan / 2007 / 8:55

Fugitives from a prison had succeeded an escape to a desert. Without any time to rest, there come another group of fugitives, sensing a bad feeling. The two groups start to stare at each other… then on a scuffle between the two. A man gets knocked out as he reminisces about the day he was taken away in handcuffs. His son is pouring water to flowers as he sees a big rainbow up in the sky. Then…

Artist : Kazuyoshi Saito Kazuyoshi Saito is highly respected by artists of various genre of music; also has a well known reputation as a live performing artist. He is very active in putting energy into composing music for films and writing hits for other artists as well.


Director : SHUICHI BAMBA Born in Mineyamacho, Kyoto. A member of MAZRI, Bamba is a visual artist who directs mainly music videos. In 2009, he directed a feature film “THEE MOVIE". At SSFF03, he's received a special award(話題賞の英語表記) for Shiina Ringo “KALEIDOSCOPE -Hyakuiro Megane-".

Jae-hyuk Jang / South Korea 2009 / 14:30

Hyo-shin, who gave his all to the end for his love. Beset by an incurable disease, he re-appears 1 year later on her birthday. But what appeared wasn't Hyo-shin but an older colleague, Yong-ha...

Artist : Hyo Shin ParkHyo-shin Park debuted in 2000 and is a very popular singer in his native Korea as he approaches his 10th anniversay. His cover of Mika Nakashima's "Yuki no Hana" was a huge hit in Korea and he has received much attention in Japan. His latest album is "Gift Part 1."

Director : Jae-hyuk JangJae-hyuk's short film "Me…Steak" received popular acclaim at the Manburg International Film Festival in 1999. He is Korea's No.1 music video director and has won many awards. He currently has his own country creating primally TV commercials.

Yukisada Isao / Japa / 2008 / 9:22

Kazu and Hiro are high school classmates. One summer night, they are setting of fireworks with Nami, a childhood friend. A sudden accident makes a sacrifice of Hiro. A few years later during the Tanabata festival on July 7th, the rain caused by "tears from the Millky Way" falls and a miracle comes to Kazu who is deep in sorrow.

Artist : ONE DRAFT MC & vocalist Lance, vocalist Ryo, and DJ, DJ Makki were schoolmates & members of the Teikyou High School baseball team. Their energetic live shows draw many new fans every time they play.

Director : ISAO YUKISADA Born in 1968. Film Director. Latest works: "A Good Husband" "Parade" "Women like to play twice."

Screenplay : Kentaro ShihakuBorn in 1975. TV Copywriter in Dentsu.worked as a creative for many clients. Also producing music videos and short films as a writer.

Thrust of God / You are the one
-Aoi Tobira- The STORY
Kenji Sonoda / Japan / 2009 / 9:39

A love story taken place in Shanghai, a city where old and new co-exists. A man is running all over searching for a woman and a woman who lost all of her memories wanders around the city. She happens to walk by at a gallery where she finds a picture of herself smiling… Then, she starts to battle herself to gradually grasp back her memories.

Artist : Drive FarA four-piece rock band; With deep and soothing crisp singing voice of a French vocalist Julien and melodious and emotional sound that the band brings together, they create a world that the audience gets carried away by.


Director : KENZI SONODA As a VISUAL ACTIVIST, he creates and directs without putting any boundaries to limit himself, from MVs, commercials, documentaries to movies and etc. His precise and unique expression of cutting image to the beat is his craft that makes a leading edge creative world as exemplified in a feature film “Madness in Bloom” (Kyoki no sakura).

Hirano Yasuhiro / Japan / 2009 / 8:35

Yua suffers from psychogenic aphonia, an affliction of the soul. One day she remembers something from her past as her son Riku talks to her in sign language. 5 years ago in the summer, Yua had waited and waited at the 'usual place' as promised with Kazuma...

Artist : Thelma Aoyama Thelma was born on October 27, 1987. Her parents are from Trinidad-Tobago & Japan. Her debut single "One Way" was released in 2007. Her 2nd single "Sobani Irume" which was released in 2008 became a record-breaking smash hit. In addition to her cute & pretty appearance, she sings with a powerful and distinct voice in effortless ease.


Director : Hirano Yasuhiro Hirano was born in 1964 in Hiroshima. His hobbies are cars and baseball. He is a Hanshin Tigers fan. He has produced all genres of visual images from cars to music videos. Recently he has produced "Shonan no Kaze Junrenka" which won awards from MTV and Space Shower TV.

Yuki Iwata / Japan / 2010 / 31:47

'She' is trying to begin a new life after breaking up with her boyfriend. 'He' can't forget about her. An 8mm film and a mysterious cat are behind a strange and wondrous miracle that occurs... A cute, little bit sad, and strange love story that revolves around a piece of 8mm film.

Artist : SUKIMA SWITCHSUKIMASWITCH is Shintaro Tokita and Takuya Ohashi. After their debut in 2003, their 2004, 2nd single, "Kanade" becomes a long-run hit. After some solo work, they released their 4th album, "Nayuta to Fukashigi" in 2009. Their national tour for that album was a huge success.


Director : Yuki Iwata Iwata was born in 1972 and began making films in 2000. She learned scriptwriting at the ENBU seminar and began making music videos as an "indie" artist on music by bands like Kukikodan. Her cinematic directorial debut came in 2005 when she made "Osage no Hondana", one of the films in an omnibus movie titled "Hair Style." His first feature film "Lemon no Koro" was released in 2007.