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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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Music Short Creative Competition

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June 13th Sun Omotesando Hills Space O 13:30 - 15:20
June 16th Wed Brillia Short Shorts Theater 17:10 - 19:00




Special PresentationMISTER ROCOCO
Naoto Hidaka / 2010 / Japan / 13:30

Enough of life where everything is cute!! This is a romantic comedyabout a girl who gets over her lost love in a dazzling & heroic way. Aimi Satsukawa in a brilliant performance as a unique heroine who will make you laugh and cry. Supporting actor as her boyfriend is…comic Neko Hiroshi?!

Artist : Anna Tsuchiya / Brave vibration

Director : Naoto Hidaka

He established Nash Film in 2004 after he turned to freelance web designer, then made a film debut commercially in 2007 by releasing “Charaway". His work is reputed for its exhilarating black humor.

Special Invitation Screening : Japanese SongYashi no mi

Yusuke Iseya / 2010 / Japan / 6:52

The sounds eminating from trash in a field of tsll grass draw together a young boy and a mysterious girl.

© にほんのうた

Artist : Mitsuko Koike & Tomoki Kanda / Yashi no mi


Director : Yusuke Iseya

Born in Tokyo in 1976. After graduating from graduate school of the Tokyo University of Arts, he formed an art unit called "Kakuto" and in 2003, he directed a film called "Kakuto." He then restarted his acting career and performed at home and abroad.

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Tadaaki Hourai / 2010 / Japan / 9:57

Nanako has a nightmare about her boyfriend cheating on her! She awakes and ponders her dream's significance. How does she really feel about him? She rushes to his place but…


Director : Tadaaki Hourai

Hourai was born in Fukuoka, in 1978. After graduating, he worked as a freelance assistant director on many films and television drams. Since 2007, he has been working the cooperate circuit, doing promotional videos and commercials.

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Good morning, TOKYO!
Tsuyoshi Inoue / 2010 / Japan / 6:45

Focusing on the visual aspects of life in a major city, this film, shot in the heart of Tokyo, takes a minimalist's approach to sounds.

Artist: Nerddelic Studio Works / Lime

Director : Tsuyoshi Inoue

Inoue is a videographer born in Hyogo. He works mainly on music videos. He is also a director working on live concert videos, event videos, and commercial projects.

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Kimiko Sano / 2010 / Japan / 9:00

In this universe, Androids run the world. Ironically, the only thing they do not control is their own physical freedom, but they long for it. This desire is so innate they are willing to even exchange their lives to attain Ephemeral Freedom.

Artist : INORAN / Hydrangea

Director : Kimiko Sano

Sano studied video production at AICLA. After that, she returned to Japan and started working as a freelance videographer in Tokyo. She also teaches at a video production school, as well as being involved in television dramas.

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Kenichi Sumida / 2010 / Japan / 4:23

Tonight, a ship from my planet is coming to Earth to take me back home, If I can get on the ship, I can finally go back and see my family. If I have to, I will run through the city at night to go to the meeting spot.

Artist : Takafumi Sotoma / Ura niwa

Director : Kenichi Sumida

Sumide was born in Osaka. He graduated from Kuwasawa Design School and learned a great deal from his mentor Tetsuma, Maki. Now a freelancer, he cherishes the pleasures and joys of making movies with his colleagues.

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Lock me in your heart
Ryotaro Yamada / 2010 / Japan / 4:35

A solitary cassette tape makes an interesting journey. A boy finds the mysterious tape and its contents makes everyone smile. What exactly is on that tape?

Artist:Yukino / Lock me in your heart

Director : Ryotaro Yamada

Hailing from Shizuoka, Yamada worked in a major studio. Later he became a freelance director, specializing in many artistic documentaries, music videos, commercials, variety shows and theater projects.

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The girl's faciful tale
Kanako Yamashita / 010 / Japan / 2:30

A girl lost in a maze of daydreams fantasizes about travel and animals. Unfortunately, real life keeps interrupting her perfect world.

Artist : LOVE PSYCHEDELICO / 7days

Director : Kanako Yamashita

Yamashita received a graphic design degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, in 2008.

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Cray fish
Shiro Tokiwa / 2010 / Japan / 9:59

Crayfish can't live together in the same fish tank. Father & child, parting…a part of life that we all experience. Using this as the theme, the director conveys his feelings with beautiful images & real emotions.

Artist : Miwa Sasagawa / Machi umare, Inaka umare

Director : Shiro Tokiwa

Tokiwa directs movies, commercials, anime, and writes scripts. Among his credits are the film "99% No Jisatsu" which stars Itsuji Itao and the music video for the Southern All Stars titled "Film Killerstreet."

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Shooting Girl
Koji Oniki / 2010 / Japan / 4:59

A woman catches her boyfriend having an "air(fake)" affair while she is playing air guitar. And then she fires "air" gunshots of anger. This is a spectacular film about lover's quarrel that keeps escalating with each second.

Artist : TsuShiMaMiRe / Matsuri

Director : Koji Oniki

Oniki traveled to the US after graduating from college in Japan. Now he is working on short films, promotional videos, and commercials.

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The Winter Story
OHRYS BIRD / 2010 / Japan / 6:43

A man lives in a bustling city. The people of the city don't realize the gentleness of this man. One winter day, snow gently blankets the city.

Artist : Chouchou / Coma

Director : OHRYS BIRD

OHRYS BIRD, the band was formed in 2002. Putting in too much energy into the creation of the home-page, put a halt to animation production. Aggressively took part in TV & music video work. Currently lives in Yokohama.

Special Invitation Screening : Japanese SongKono michi
Isshin Inudo / 2010 / Japan / 4:13

The serene dance in this movie interprets and refines the lyrics of Hakushu Kitahara.

© にほんのうた

Artist : Taeko Onuki / Kono michi


Director : Isshin Inudo

Born in 1960 and Inudo is a film and commercial director. He began producing his own films in high school. After graduating from university, he entered ADK arts. He has produced many TV commercials and has received many awards. He debuted in 1995 with "Futari ga shabetteru." "House of Himiko" received the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award, Both "Bizan" and "Zero Focus" have recieved Japan Academy Awards