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Out of the festival record
3065 short films submitted,
the most exceptional 35 shorts
from 16 countries will be screened!
  • June 20th Mon 19:20 - 21:10
  • June 24th Fri 12:50 - 14:40
  • June 25th Sat 11:15 - 13:05


Magali Magistry/Brazil/France/11:22/Drama/Romance/2010

A heartbroken Rio de Janeiro bartender, Luiza, has to suffer the cruelty of watching her former lover & his fiancée celebrate their engagement. As Luiza is pushed closer to the edge, how far she’ll go to spend one more night with the man she loves ?
These films may include sexual and/or violent contents.

Oppressed Majority

Eléonore Pourriat /France/ 10:41 /Comedy/ 2010

A day in the life of a man suffering from everyday sexism in a world ruled by women.

Casus Belli

Yorgos Zois/Greece/ 11:11 /Experimental/ 2010

Seven different queues, the first person of each queue becomes the last of the next one, creating an enormous human line. But at the end of the line, it all begins backwards again.

The Night Nurse

Terence White Ireland/ 4:26 /Drama/Thriller/ 2010

A nurse doing the graveyard shift on a psychiatric ward searches frantically for a missing patient, only to discover the terrible truth behind the disappearance.

Sudden Death!

Adam Hall/USA/ 20:00 /Comedy/Musical/ 2010

LA is infected with a disease that causes sudden death and the only symptom is spontaneously bursting into song and dance. Nathan and Rachel rush to find a cure in between uncontrollable bouts of song. Nathan unravels a military conspiracy, falls in love and tries to save LA from sudden death...


Mazi Khalighi/Canada/ 5:00 /Drama/ 2010

How would it feel to see your home torn apart by a soldier’s rifle? To watch your family destroyed by a war that you don’t understand? These are questions Erica Johnson, a nine-year old girl growing up in a small suburban North American town, will soon be able to answer.

Colin Firth & Kiera Knightley together in a dream cast!


Rupert Friend/UK/ 16:00 /Drama/ 2010

A couple are having an argument when suddenly there is someone at their door. It's Steve from downstairs to inform them of a leak from their room. But soon, it becomes clear that something is not right with Steve.