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Out of the festival record
3065 short films submitted,
the most exceptional 35 shorts
from 16 countries will be screened!
  • June 20th Mon 15:00 - 16:50
  • June 22th Wed 13:20 - 15:10
  • June 25th Sat 15:00 - 16:50

Cold Blood

Martin Thibaudeau/Quebec, Canada/4:33/Drama/2010

A mother brings her reluctant son to the hospital.


Sebastian Marka/Germany/ 19:10 /Thriller/ 2010

"Interview" tells the story of an overambitious reporter questioning a serial killer, trying to find out why he does what he does. Will the killer give him first hand information? This intense face-to-face thriller unravels more than one dark secret on both sides.
These films may include sexual and/or violent contents.

Conversation Piece

Joe Tunmer/UK/ 6:53 /Comedy/Musical/ 2009

Sunday morning, Jean notices a chip on a treasured vase. She accuses Maurice, her husband who denies it. Using various tactics, Jean attempts to get to the bottom of the situation. A unique musical-of-sorts set to jazz cornetist Rex Stewart’s 1966 improvised recording ‘Conversation Piece’.


Ronald Krauss/USA/ 23:22 /Drama/ 2010

"Amexica” is the story of a young boy from Mexico who is sold by a human trafficking ring to two con artists who portray him as their son, extorting money from innocent people by risking the boy’s life in staged automobile accidents. But the boy decides to take his fate into his own hands.

We love our clients

Beppe Tufarulo/ Italy/ 5:35 /Comedy/ 2010

In a supermarket, the night shift is all tedium and repetition, until the employees find a decidedly more entertaining way to pay attention to their customers. Two customers unknowingly find themselves steered towards each other.

North Atlantic

Bernardo Nascimento/UK/Portugal/14:58/Drama/2010

An isolated air-traffic controller on an island in the Azores receives a transatlantic emergency signal from a lost plane. As he engages in communication with the lone pilot, it emerges that their new found friendship will not last through the night.