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Out of the festival record
3065 short films submitted,
the most exceptional 35 shorts
from 16 countries will be screened!
  • June 18th Sat 12:50 - 14:40
  • June 22th Wed 15:00 - 16:50
  • June 24th Fri 19:50 - 21:40

Losing it

Alexandre Leblanc & Benoit Bourbonnais/Quebec, Canada/12:34/Drama/2009

Jerome's world turns upside down when his son disappears. This new ordeal rapidly sets aside an important business deadline he had the same morning. A race against the clock begins to find the lost child.

To Kill a Bumblebee

Sharon Maymon & Tal Granit / Israel/7:30/Drama/2009

Canaan kills a bee. It is not the last thing he will kill today. How far would you go to defend the world you build for yourself? A tragicomic reflection about life, friendship and the power of fear.
These films may include sexual and/or violent contents.


Audrey Najar & Frédéric Perrot/France/4:06/Comedy/2010

Romain has always felt different: he was born with antlers and has to deal with a painful loneliness and constant mockery. But one day a chance encounter is going to change his life and the way people look at him…

Last Passengers

Ricardo Soto/Mexico/20:00/Drama/2009

A hobo, with a pet rat, finds sanctuary in subway stations and observes the daily hustle and bustle of passengers. Another hobo steadily travels the various routes of the same subway under the delusion that he owns the whole system. Both hobos meet face to face in conflict.

You & Me

Edward Shieh/USA/14:45/Romance/2010

Through one brief phone conversation, "You & Me" follows several star-crossed lovers around the world whose differences have put their love affair at a critical impasse.

Peter's Room

Nicolas Kolovos/Sweden/3:13/Drama/2010

One morning Peter is pretending to be asleep to stop his parents from making him leave his bed, leave his room. His mother who is home alone with Peter and his baby sister calls his father who has left for work. Now they must deal with the situation.


Jakub Jacko/Australia/ 16:09 /Drama/Musical/ 2010

Sam is a struggling young musician. When his idol Jon Jon Gibson dies, Sam is devastated. Trying to raise the money for a ticket to his tribute concert, Sam has to decide whether to sell his guitar or risk performing in public. But when Jon Jon speaks to him from a poster Sam begins to play.