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Out of the festival record
3065 short films submitted,
the most exceptional 35 shorts
from 16 countries will be screened!
  • June 21th Tue 15:00 - 16:50
  • June 23th Thu 12:50 - 14:40
  • June 25th Sat 19:50 - 21:40

A Fine Young Man

Kevan Funk/Canada/ 12:34 /Drama/ 2010

Pete & his wife epitomize the American Dream. But is he really that perfect? Mr. Grant & Mr. White would like to know. It’s 1962 and the Red Threat looms large over America and a new fear has emerged, more threatening than either the space race or the bomb.
These films may include sexual and/or violent contents.

On Reflection

Renaud Philipps/France/22:17/Comedy/Fantasy/2010

Anna is a young and pretty actress who always fails because of her uncontrollable timidness. From the mirror of the ladies' room, into which she's insulting herself, her reflection, fed up with this situation, decides to coach her.


Coming Clean

J.J Winlove/Australia/ 7:42 /Animation/Comedy/ 2010

Dennis realizes his wife is having an affair when he discovers an unidentified hair on the bathroom soap. After failing to exact revenge by starting his own affair, he decides to fool her into thinking so by covering the soap with hairs he steals from a waxing clinic.

The Gold Mine

Jacques Bonnavent/Mexico/ 10:00 /Drama/ 2010

At fifty something, Betina finds love over the internet. She leaves her monotonous life behind to go meet her virtual fiancé on the other side of the country.


Mickey Nedimovic/Germany/11:11/Comedy/Romance/2010

A young man walks through the streets of Berlin as an article hits him hard on the head. Surprised he looks up and starts to scream as he understands what is going on. He runs up to the roof to save the life of a young lady. Can he help her or is it him who needs the help?


Jen McGowan/USA/ 13:25 /Drama/ 2009

An ode to city life, "TOUCH" explores the universal themes of isolation and need for community when two strangers make the most important connection of their lives while waiting for a train.