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Out of the festival record
3065 short films submitted,
the most exceptional 35 shorts
from 16 countries will be screened!
  • June 18th Sat 17:10 - 19:00
  • June 23th Thu 13:20 - 15:10
  • June 24th Fri 17:10 - 19:00


Wagner Depintor/Brazil/ 17:30 /Drama/ 2010

In a rite of passage to adulthood, Sergio needs to summon the courage to shoot his first victim in order to gain the respect of his gang. When he finally gets ready to pull the trigger, the real reason for his mission is revealed.


Tariq Rimawi/Jordan/UK, Wales/3:00/Animation/2010

A window opens on a child who lives in a war torn area where he longs for his past peaceful life.


Vincent Gallagher/ Ireland/13:06/Romance/2010

On a significant day in her life, a lonely woman who finds solace in the daily crossword finds that the answers to the clues are all around her. Is it magic, coincidence or something else entirely?

Little Children, Big Words

Lisa James Larsson/Sweden/ 12:00 /Drama/ 2010

When it's Alex's turn to tell his seven year old class mates what he wants to be when grows up an uncomfortable discussion begins about the meaning of an unknown but loaded word. The teacher's explanation reveals her own story - a story of victim and offender.


Joel Loxton/Australia/ 6:00 /Drama/ 2009

Gregg's first day at his first job, working in a trendy cafe. His co-workers are confident, friendly, and cool. But when fate strikes and a life hangs in the balance, Gregg has to decide between becoming part of the gang, or doing what he knows is right.

Directed, edited, music, all created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt/USA/ 24:00 /Drama/ 2008

A woman and a man are having a conversation. The story takes place on two sides. One, in the present right there with the two characters, the other, in and out of the past of both characters. The story weaves in and out of both sides.
These films may include sexual and/or violent contents.