Official Competition International Award Winner 『THE WORLD IN YOUR WINDOW』 Official Competition International Award Winner 『THE WORLD IN YOUR WINDOW』

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Director's comment ; Official Competition International Award Winner『THE WORLD IN YOUR WINDOW』


Official Competition International Award Winner 『THE WORLD IN YOUR WINDOW』

THE WORLD IN YOUR WINDOW/14:55/New Zealand/Drama/2017

Director: Zoe McIntosh

Q1 Comment on Award Winning

Winning Best international short film at SSFF & ASIA meant so much to myself and the rest of the team. To have my film shown in Japan, to a predominately foreign audience and for it to then translate and really emotionally move people was exhilarating for me. It is an absolute honor and one I will hold dearly for a very long time.


Q2 What’s the highlight of your film?

The highlight for me in The world in your window was the cast. I felt so blessed to have trusted my gut and instincts around casting non-actors. I discovered the little boy Lolo at my local boxing gym and observed an innate tenderness, empathy and genuine love for his father who was the boxing coach. Although he had never acted before, he had a resilience and focus from training everyday as a boxer. These qualities were assets on set.


Q3 Why did you decide to submit your film to SSFF & ASIA? What is the purpose of submmitting your film to film festivals?

I decided to submit my film into SSFF & ASIA as I had heard great things about the festival from friends. It was also attractive as it’s an Academy award recognised festival and I was curious to know how an Asian audience and jury would react to the film.

Personally, the biggest reason and purpose I submit my films into festivals is to see how universal your idea and story is. Does it resonate and move people miles and miles away. And if it does succeed in this, this is extremely rewarding as a director. On top of this, film festivals are always marvellous ways to connect with other film makers and share experiences and craft. My only regret, is that I could not attend 🙁