Japan Competition Audience Award Winner 『SIREN』

 Japan Competition Audience Award Winner 『SIREN』

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Director's Comment ; Japan Competition Audience Award Winner 『SIREN』


 Japan Competition Audience Award Winner 『SIREN』

Nobuyuki Miyake/16:36/Japan/Drama/2017


Director: Nobuyuki Miyake

Q1 Comment on Award Winning

It’s real honor and I really appriciate it. Many audience members voted for our film, and it made me realize that they caught the massage that our film tried to convey. I want to share this feeling with the crew members who connected with this story and joined this project.


Q2 What’s the highlight of your film?

The main characters who can’t understand each other in this story symbolize the sad reality in this world. The story is set in a housing complex that is called Danchi in Japan. Danchi was built for families during the rapid economic growth, however, there are currently elderly people living hard lives, as well as foreign people who are poor. This film shows conflict and indifference to prejudice and race, to share a message that people can relate to globally.


Q3 Why did you decide to submit your film to SSFF & ASIA? What is the purpose of submmitting your film to film festivals?

These days, we can see our films on websites, but screening short films in theaters is not easy. We want audiences to watch our films on big screens with good sound, even it’s a short film, and I’m interested in receiving feedback from the audiences. These are the reasons as to why I submitted to this festival. Furthermore, there are big advantages in being nominated and winning, and it’s a good opportunity to meet other filmmakers who share the same ambition. There are various film festivals around the world. SSFF&ASIA keeps improving and expanding every year because Mr. Bessho and his team have been working hard, so it’s an honor to be at this festival. SSFF&ASIA is one of the biggest film festivals in Asia, so I will continue to try my best to win awards at this festival.