SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA 2019 Screening in Autumn

HOMETicket & How to experience the festival

Ticket & How to experience the festival


1) Same-day Tickets

100 same-day tickets are available per program.
These tickets allow for admission to program screenings and events without advanced registration.
Same-day tickets will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis for all programs shown that day starting 20 minutes before the day’s first screening.
Same-day tickets are limited to one ticket per person per program.

2) Registration for Priority Admission

Seats can be secured in advance by applying for tickets through the online ticket platform Peatix. (Audience members who apply through Peatix will be admitted before those sitting in non-reserved seats and same-day ticket holders.) Please visit the schedule page, click on the program screening or event you would like to attend, and follow the link to Peatix’s website for instructions on how to apply.
* Up to two tickets can be requested per person per program when applying for priority admissions.
* Applications for priority admission are accepted until 11:55 p.m. the day before screening, but may close early if seats fill up.
* Same-day tickets will still be available even if applications close for priority admission.

For those who apply for priority admissions, please receive your numbered ticket at the venue’s reception area on the day of the program. You can receive your numbered admission tickets for every program that day starting 20 minutes before the first screening of the day. Seats will be held to cover the number of audience members who have applied for priority seating, but please be aware that if you do not claim your numbered ticket before at least five minutes prior to screening, your application will be considered cancelled.

If you would like to cancel your reservation, please notify us via Peatix. Other people hoping for entry may miss their chance for admission if we are not notified of your cancellation. These short films are being screened for free so that as many people as possible can enjoy them. We appreciate you cooperation.
* Those who do not show up to their scheduled screening without notice of cancellation may be denied the ability to make future reservations.

◎ Information on how to cancel your reservation

Please complete all procedures necessary to cancel your reservation on the Peatix website.
First, log-in to the Peatix account you used when making your application. On the bottom right of the page for the event you would like to cancel, you will find an icon to contact the event organizers. Click on this icon. Please select the subject line for ticket cancellations, changes, added purchases, and same-day tickets, and send a message to the organizers.

Please reference the following page for more details:

3) Admissions

Admissions will open 10 minutes before the screening or event is scheduled to begin. Audience members will be admitted by order of the numbers found on their admission tickets or same-day tickets. Please refer to your ticket number and line up at the corresponding standby line set up at the venue by the time admissions open.
Please note that audience members not lined up at their number’s standby line by the time admissions open will be unable to enter in the correct order.


How to experience the festival

Before the Day
1. Choose what programs/events to go to

1. Choose what programs/events to go to

→ Check the Screening Programs page!
If you have a preferred time you can also choose from the Schedule.

2. Book with Peatix

2. Book with Peatix

You can book beforehand through the event ticketing platform Peatix.

Same-day tickets are also available.


On the Day

For those who apply for priority admissions.

Receive a numbered ticket at the reception.

3. Receive a numbered ticket at the reception.

Show the receptionist the ticket booking page for the film you’re seeing. The seating is general admission, and will be different for each screening. The order of admission will be on numbered tickets handed out at reception. *Please accept a “numbered ticket” at least 5 minutes before the start of the screening.


4. Enter

You can enter 10 minutes before the screening starts in the order of the "numbered ticket".

For those who apply for same-day tickets.

Receive the same-day ticket at the reception.

3. Receive the same-day ticket at the reception.





4. Enter

As soon as the priority admission holders have entered, you can enter in the order of the number of the same-day ticket.

4. Enjoy the films!

4. Enjoy the films!

Some screenings will also feature Q&A sessions with the directors!

5. Share your thoughts!

5. Share your thoughts!

The festival has official social media accounts! Tag us with the hashtag #SSFF!

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