Giovanni is irrationally scared of a figurine. After a series of crimes in Palermo, he lets his imagination run and connects the figurine with the mafioso Don Tano Filippone, the crime instigator. Armed with a wooden sword and a musketeer's harness, Giovanni decides to protect his father from the mafioso. He will become the well-known Italian magistrate Giovanni Falcone.


Vito Palumbo Vito Palumbo was born in Agropoli (Salerno) on 4th July 1974. After graduating from high school, he moved to Rome, where he attended the drama academy “P.Scharoff” and the NUCT film academy where he studied screenwriting, directing and video editing.


Rome Independent Film Festival 2018 (Italy)
La Spezia Film Festival 2019 (Italy) Best Cinematography
Festa Do Cinema Italiano 2019 (Portugal)
Catania Film Festival 2019 (Italy) Gold Elephant World Award
Solidando Film Festival 2018 (Italy)
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