Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2023 Shortlist (#6)

Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2023 Shortlist (#6)

Beginning in August, 2021, the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia began releasing a shortlist every month from among the submissions for the five Academy Award© eligible categories (International, Asia International, Japan, Animation, & Non-fiction). The shortlisted films will  be eligible for selection for the following year’s festival.

For this year’s 25th Anniversary edition of the SSFF & Asia 2023, in January this year, we received a total of 997 entries. In these submissions, there were many films from Japan, the United States, France, and China. About 30% of the total submissions were from Japan. In addition, 31% of the submitted films were directed by female filmmakers, 30% from first-time filmmakers, and 23 % from student filmmakers. Common themes were about identity among Asian-American immigrants, as well as the struggle of single fathers/mothers. COVID references are still depicted though noticeably different from previous years in that it’s becoming more of a secondary theme or simply a background reference rather than the primary story.


This is the final shortlist announcement. This year, a total of 5,196 films were submitted to the festival from 120 countries and regions around the world. Entries from the U.S., Japan, France, and China were particularly strong. The festival attracted many films from young creators, female directors, first-time directors, and students. Most of them accumulated about a third of its entries. Thank you so much for your submission! Your films have inspired us and short film fans around the world for the past 25 years!!


〜SSFF & ASIS 2023 shortlist(6th)~
~ The name of the film, the director name, and the country name will be listed in alphabetical order by category ~

 Title Director Country of Origin
■International/Live-action Competition
Alice and the sunflowers Degen Théo, Muller Charlotte Belgium
Auxiliaire Bacle Lucas France
ARE YOU OK? Natalka Vorozhbit Ukraine
Balneum Hugo Lacasse Canada
Between Two Islands Hideki Nakazaki Cuba
Big Bang Carlos Segundo France
BOUSSA KASRI Azedine France
Cicciolina Pocket Claudio Casazza Italy
Cold Water Jay Perry, Shaun Perry Australia
Cul-De-Sac Mário Macedo, Vanja Vascarac Portugal
Dear Passengers Madli Lääne Estonia
God Level César Tormo Spain
Gold and Mud Conor Dooley United States
Growing Pains – A Film in Seven Parts Isabel Aboim Inglez Portugal
“Halmoni’s Pot” (Grandma’s Pot) A. Lauren Lee United States
Head over wheels Genevieve Clay Smith Australia
IF Didier Charette Canada
Ivania Luigi Abanto Spain
THE BEAST Laquitant Joris France
La Ultima Ascensión Kevin Osepa Netherlands
Machines of Loving Grace Viktor Schimpf Germany
MAMITA Luis Molinié Peru
Manana Vahan Setoyan Armenia
Manar Rachel Albert Israel
On the Margin Andy Long United States
Out of the Fog Tigrane Minassian France
Panic Attack Anthony Assad Ireland
Portrait of a Disappearing Woman Nelson POLFLIET France
Salmon Mattis Heurlin Denmark
Stalled Eric Rich United States
Serenity Tehrani Kaveh Norway
The Breakthrough Daniel Sinclair United States
The Last Sunday Saito Lilo New Zealand
The Life Between Two Nights Antonio Cuesta Spain
The sun of the river Mateo Salas Puerta Colombia
The Wake Luis Gerard Canada
Things Unheard Of Ramazan Kilic Turkey
Tystnad Andreas Mortensen, Johanna Smitz Sweden
We Were Kids Alexander Abdallah, Mustafa Al-Mashhadani Sweden
White Lie Eyal Elisha Israel
Yellow Elham Ehsas United Kingdom
 ‘ Haunted by the Sound of the Wind’ Xavier Tera Canada
■Asia International / Live-action Competition
A Scene By The Sea QUAN PHUONG THANH Viet Nam
Bardo Jihyun JUNG South Korea
Bride stone Guzel Duishenkulova Kyrgyzstan
Bubbling Chang Che-Ming Taiwan
Burning Hao TANG Taiwan
Canine KIM Jung-min South Korea
Dark9 Community Yuhe Lu, Wade Chao China
Deposit An E Seul South Korea
Eid Mubarak Mahnoor Euceph Pakistan, United States
Hidden Road Cheol Hwi KIM South Korea
Home today Gyu-Ri MOK South Korea
Love Hole Yujin Im South Korea
Met you by chance Jae-ui LEE South Korea
Perfect Way To Die Xingsheng Sun China
Stroke Bernardus Raka Aditya Ramadeva Indonesia
The Birthday Banquet Hongbo Cai China
The Cloud Behind The Hill Wenli Huang China
The Dog Yu-TIng Ma Taiwan
■Animation Competition
Balcony Cacophony Quentin Haberham Netherlands
BariKari Supureme BAKA Couple Narihiko Kohno Japan
Buzz Bryn Chainey, Andrew Brand United Kingdom
C’est la vie Jacek Olejnik, Rafał Sankiewicz, Wojciech Sankiewicz, Bartosz Terlicki Poland
ELABI Eikenberry Amandine France
Everywhere Step Cheung, Kai Chung Ng Hong Kong
Garden of Remembrance Mayu Nobe Japan
Hermit Island Gábor Mariai Hungary
Home Office Eriksen Endre Lund Norway
LA COULEUR DU CIEL Archinet Owen France
Little Hurts Debra Solomon United States
NEXTSTAGE Naoki Toyofuku Japan
Ninety-five Senses Jerusha Hess, Jared Hess United States
ParkingArea Toru Masuyama Japan
Sloth Story Futa Ikeda Japan
Teacups Alec Green, Finbar Watson Australia
The Angst and the Bliss Mangoosta Italy
The Egret River Wan-Ling Liu Taiwan
The Sistine Juan Camilo Fonnegra Colombia
The Tale of ZAKU 1-2 ZAKU & SETSU Tsubasa Hagihara Japan
Tortoise in Time Nicklas Dahlström Sweden
UNIQUE TIME OH Yu-jin Korea (south)
Wild Summon karni arieli, Saul freed United Kingdom
■Non-Fiction Competition
Aso Shrine Restoration Works Masahiko Nakashima Japan
A History Of The World According To Getty Images Misek Richard United kingdom
A Chocolate Lens Gabriel Veras United States
Apostles of Cinema Darragh Amelia, Gertrude Malizana, Jesse Gerard Mpango, Cece Mlay Tanzania, United Republic of
Can somebody tell me that everything will be fine Siri Bråtveit Norway
Dear my father Masaki Miyamoto Japan
echo Hideyuki Suto Japan
Heart of an Astronaut Jennifer Rainsford Sweden
Imagine and Cycles Sora Kuwabara Japan
Las nubes están hechas de música Enrique García Meza Mexico
Leila Fariba Haidari Sweden
Lila Castelain Anne, Jiménez Alejandro Canada
moments Kazuma Yano Japan
My Sisters In The Stars: The Story of Lee Yong-soo Ian Kim United States
One for the Road Denise Julia Tan Singapore
Pioneering Spirits Stephan Blinn United States
Pirsas Angélica María Torres Tamayo Colombia
Sketch! Fumiki Tomioka Japan, United States
Strangers in the Dark Perttu Inkilä Finland
Walking Backwards Chris Rodriguez, Aleah Chapin United States
The Foot of Mt. Chokai ” MOMOYAKE “ Takeru Toyoshima Japan
■Japan / Live-action Competition
19Hz Hiroki Inoue Japan
alone Daishi Kato Japan
BONJI Naoko Ukibe Japan
COUNT 100 Hiroshi Tamaki Japan
Courier Kengo Kora Japan
Dream Box Naoto Mitake Japan
How far Haruka Konuta Japan
Huyuko’s Summer Shinichiro Kanagawa Japan
I am just a burglar. Raita Yabushita Japan
Me, Daddy and scrub-a-dub Seiko Tano Japan
Minwoo and Rie Jinrung Chun Korea
My wings became my legs. Tomoichiro Setsuda Japan
NEPPA Daigo Matsui Japan
NEW GENERATION Hiroho Mieno Japan
No Direction Home Taishi Nakagawa Japan
OBOETERU Kenichi Ebisawa Japan
Perfect Strangers Daisuke Kamijô Japan
Portrait Kazuma Yano Japan
Prelude Tao Tsuchiya Japan
reincarnation Bunji Sotoyama Japan
Second Career Hironori kujiraoka Japan
Seen Shinji Hamasaki Japan
Shagiri Keitaro Fujimori Japan
Silent remittance Naoto Kawashima Japan
SISTER’S VIEW Keita Yamashina Japan
SMOKE Eiichi Takahashi Japan
snow escape Naoto Kawashima Japan
STRANGE Ken Ochiai Japan
sweet Shoji Yasui Japan
THEATER Yu Sakudo Japan
Tiger Torment Mansai Nomura Japan
Unther the Polaris Sukuma Irie Japan
Voices From The Waves Chiya Doi Japan
Wandering Memories Yuta Noguchi Japan
we turned twenty Karakama Rin Japan
White Lie Yuya Taniguchi Japan
window of light Kosuke Suzuki Japan
Wonderland Hiroki Kawanami Japan
You Are Lit Momoko Fukuda Japan
最後の生活 Takaaki Watanabe Japan


Festival selections will be made from among the shortlisted films. The shortlist films will be selected monthly until the end of March, 2023 and will be uploaded on the festival’s official website on April 27th, 2023.This month’s shortlist is mainly drawn from films submitted by the end of January, however the timing of the announcements may vary.