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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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French Short Program

Once again, a special re-screening of the French Film FestivalShorts program, only in Yokohama.

We will screen again the short film program from this year’s French Film Festival! Among the highlights of this year’s program include the 35th Cesar Short Film Award nominee“ Donde esta Kim Basinger?,”maestro director Claude Lelouch’s son Simon’s short film“ 7.57 am-pm,” and“ Le petit Dragon,”a short film that’s a must for Bruce Lee fans, and many others!!

June 12th Sat Brillia Short Shorts Theater 19:20 - 21:10
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Le Petit Dragon
Bruno Collet / France / 8:15 / 2009

The dragon's spirit is reincarnated in a doll's body that's been trapped in a box for 35 years. Protected by a hard rubber body, the doll sets out to discover the super-sized world outside. A kung-fu anime dedicated to Bruce Lee.

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Une pute et un poussin
Clement Michel / France / 15:00 / 2009

Louise, a lost girl, played by popular singer Iere meets a young man who's dressed like a chicken. A strange but heart-warming unlikely encounter. Two lonely people spend some time together.

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7.57 am-pm
Simon Lelouch / France / 10:50 / 2009

On May 25th, 2009, Renaud Capucon performed Gluck's masterpiece "La Melodie d'Orphee" on Line 6 of the Paris metro. Two days later, he gave a sold-out concert at the prestigious Theatre de Champs Elysee. The 18,000 metro riders who walked by never realized who he was.

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En attendant que la pluie cesse
Charlotte Joulia / France / 8:53 / 2008

Rain follows a sudden thunder storm. A beautiful woman takes shelter in a covered foyer. A man is already there. Everything stops, there is a strong connection between them as they wait out the rain...

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L'homme a la Gordini
Jean-Christophe Lie / France / 10:00 / 2009

End of the 70's, an imaginary suburb, the custom is to wear neither underwear nor trousers, only orange tops. With the help of a masked rebel, Mister R and his wife plot a radical revolution and an assault on monochromic orange totalitarianism.

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Gilles Corporation
Vianney Meurville / France / 7:30 / 2009

Gilles is a farmer who realizes that his farm is no longer viable. He sees that the future of success lies in the Chinese market. On a trip to Paris, he notices the Chinese love to buy anything French. To re-energize his farm business he begins growing a new crop...

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Donde esta Kim Basinger?
Edouard Deluc / France / 30:00 / 2009

Marcus and his brother Antoine land in Argentina to celebrate their cousin's wedding and to discover the pleasures of the capital, Buenos-Aires. Marcus is full of excitement but Antoine, who has just been dumped, is depressed. Marcus decides to cheer up his little brother.

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Allons-y! Allonzo!
Camille Moulin-Dupre / France / 7:52 / 2009

By the sea shore an old man is reading his newspaper when a woman disturbs his reading. He hotfoots after this beautiful woman and dives into an animated comic strip which recounts his trials and tribulations on screen…This cartoon is a tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo.

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Dans nos veines
Guillaume Senez / France / 16:00 / 2008

17-year-old Lionel, beaten by his father, bears a great hate for his father. Lionel, however is soon to become a father himself. Is a tendency for violence hereditary? Lionel cannot feel completely happy about becoming a father.