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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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New Zealand Program

From the hottest new center of filmmaking, "Wellywood," comes the "NEW ZEALAND SPECIAL PROGRAM!" Thanks to the success of Weta, New Zealand’s film business is enjoying enormous growth. From “Wellywood”, the new center of filmmaking, a collection of shorts including a treasured short produced by Peter Jackson of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The directorial debut by Grant Major, winner of the Academy Award for Best Art Direction for "LOTR: The Return of the King." A short featuring actor Karl Urban, hot off the smash hit "Star Trek."
Catch our very first New Zealand Special Program!
Program ID June 17th Thu Brillia Short Shorts Theater 12:50 - 14:40
June 19th Sat Laforet Museum Harajuku 11:15 - 13:05
June 20th Sun Brillia Short Shorts Theater 17:10 - 19:00
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The WotsWots - Speedy Spots
Theo Baynton / New Zealand / 5:00 / Animation / 2008

In a quest for speed SpottyWot adjusts his chair motor. Then he sees the fastest animal in the zoo and decides the secret to speed lies in the colour of your spots.

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Directed by Grant Major. winner of the Academy Award for Best Art DirectionUndergrowth
Grant Major / New Zealand / 9:27 / Drama / 2009

A man wakes to discover his life is overgrown and the outside world is getting in- to restore order he must return to his family home to confront the memories.

New Zealand International Film Festival 2009
Melbourne International Film Festival 2009 (Australia)
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2009 (South Korea)

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Maestro Short - Co-produced by Peter JacksonValley of the Stereos
George Port / New Zealand / 14:55 / Comedy / 1992

A hippie who would kill for peace and quiet. A heavy metaller who would rather die than turn down the volume. It could only end in.....The Valley of the Stereos!

Sydney International Film Festival 1993 (Australia)
Montreal World Film Festival 1994 (Canada)
Locarno International Film Festival 2002 (Switzerland)

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Peter Salmon / New Zealand / 15:00 / Drama / 2007

16-year-old Ricky dreams of leaving his small fishing village. He sneaks out at night with Telly, a local girl. In a thick fog they steal his father's fishing boat and Ricky loses his virginity. The next morning his father waits on the shoreline. Is he ready to face his father?

Cannes Film Festival 2007 (France) Critics Week
Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2008 (USA)
Encounters Short Film Festival 2008 (UK)

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Working Day
Andres Borghi / New Zealand/Argentina / 3:00 / Comedy / 2010

A man wakes up & starts his day with a leisurely breakfast. As he tears off the previous day on his calendar, he realizes that today is THE day!

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Starring Karl UrbanClown Story
Irene Malone New Zealand / 10:00 / Drama / 1996

When some student actors arrange to install themselves at the local library as mimes, they arrive to find an over excited audience of children expecting a show with balloon animals and jokes. Things turn ugly and the only solution is to escape. One clown makes it out, only to find the outside world is more magical than he expected.

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Aphrodite's Farm
Adam Strange / New Zealand / 15:00 / Drama / 2008

Everyone in Taranaki wants to know the secret of the magical milk produced on Aphrodite's Farm, a family secret for generations. When the patriarch dies, the future of the farm is thrown into jeopardy. The arrival of farm hand Friday will bring the family's destiny full circle.

Berlin International Film Festival 2009 (Germany) 'Crystal Bear' (Best Short Film)
LA Short Film Festival 2009 (USA)
New Zealand International Film Festival 2008

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The Six Dollar Fifty Man
Mark Albiston & Louis Sutherland / New Zealand / 15:00 / Drama / 2009

The Six Dollar Fifty Man is 8-year-old Andy, a make-believe superhero whose imagination allows him to perform extraordinary physical feats against playground bullies. When Andy gets in trouble with the headmaster, he has to save himself & his only friend Mary by facing up to the real world.

Cannes Film Festival 2009 (France) Special Distinction
Berlin International Film Festival 2010 Special Mention
Sundance Film Festival 2010 (USA) Jury Prize in International Short Filmmaking