Xperia Cinematography Pro students challenge

Each and every persons hold creativity.

Perhaps your creativity lends itself to making great creative images, and you just have not exercised it yet?

Everyone know how much fun it is to watch films, but not so many have experienced how much fun it is to shoot them.

Cinematography Pro makes it easier to shoot than ever before.

Here, students challenged themselvies to shoot scenes from their daily lives in a cinematic fashion.

Making Of

Introduction of Films

  • Her planes


    Shot in Midorigaoka, Chiba. A quiet area with beautiful scenery. A whimsical film that depicts things that should raise your spirits, even if you are not sure why.

    Director:Ryuta Imamura

    Chiba University
    Faculty of Engineering, Department of Design

  • Nishichiba Nocturne


    Although they cannot share what each other sees, their connection grows deeper. A night in Nishi-Chiba.

    Director:Hayato Ueno

    Chiba University
    Faculty of Engineering, Department of Design

  • unframed


    The film attempts to add reason to the always-overlooked cinematic black frame.

    Director:Suge Syunichi Project

    Tama Art University
    Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Integrated Design

  • "They" Back Stage


    This is a "making- of" documentary of "Anata tono mikkai" ,a graduation work for Department of Film Production at Kyoto University of Art & Design.
    The director and producer tell their thoughts on the film. Please pay attention to behind-the-camera scenes which can be shot by Xperia1.

    Director:Kihono Yasui

    Kyoto University of Art and Design
    Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Film Production

  • Another 5 minutes!


    If you don't leave home in 5 minutes, you'll be late!

    Director:Ryosuke Imamura

    Tokyo University of Arts
    Faculty of Arts, Department of Design

  • Coin on the shoes


    Father and son, Kazuhiro and Shota, live in a downtown Tokyo. They live unremarkable lives, but slowly Shota starts feeling a strange vibe from his father, especially when he sees a 10-yen coin resting on his shoes. The truth comes out when Shota meets his father's friend, Shimizu.

    Director:Monzo Minakuchi

    Musashino Art University
    College of Art and Design, Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences

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