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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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Asia International & Japan Program

Program ID June 13th Sun Brillia Short Shorts Theater 10:45 - 12:35
June 16th Wed Laforet Museum Harajuku 17:40 - 19:30
June 17th Thu Brillia Short Shorts Theater 15:00 - 16:50
Going Green
Jonathan Browning / USA / 1:50 / Comedy / 2009

American corporations have discovered there is big money in claiming to be a “green" company. How many of these companies are taking actual steps to alleviate their carbon footprint? “Going Green" takes a look at one company that opts to “go green" with the least amount of effort.

Lake County Film Festival 2010 (USA)
Very Short International Film Festival 2010 (France)

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Once More
Hiroo Takaoka / Japan/USA / 23:40 / Drama / 2009

A job falls into Linda's lap - to interview Jay - the world famous man who made human cloning possible for the first time in mankind's history. Why did Jay pick Linda to interview him? And what did Linda witness about human cloning?

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Yusuke Seto / Japan / 4:50 / Comedy / 2009

Someone drops a 500-yen coin on the street. What would you do in this case? Are you going to ignore it? Or, do you pick it up? What would you do if someone else ahead of you had the same idea? What would you do then?

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Mian Adnan Ahmad / Pakistan/USA / 23:54 / Drama / 2009

Azeem is a gifted child who aspires to be a poet in a village deprived of normal schooling. One tragic night leaves his only teacher in a state of despair, forcing Azeem to do everything he can to help him…start again.

Cleveland International Short Film Festival 2010 (USA) Jesse Epstein Humanitarian Award
Lake Arrowhead Film Festival 2010 (USA)

Focus on ThailandSightseeing
Wisit Sasanatieng / Thailand / 27:53 / Drama / 2009

Tassana is a blind lottery seller who lives under the bridge. Every night she listens to the songs of the city...the city she has never seen with her own eyes. One afternoon, a mysterious young man appears. He offers to take Tassana sightseeing. Now, she will learn if the songs are true.

Toronto International Film Festival 2009 (Canada)
Pusan International Film Festival 2009 (South Korea)
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2010 (USA)"