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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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International Program

Program ID June 14th Mon Brillia Short Shorts Theater 19:20 - 21:10
June 16th Wed Laforet Museum Harajuku 15:30 - 17:20
June 18th Fri Brillia Short Shorts Theater 12:50 - 14:40
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The Green Film
Andrew Williamson / Canada / 5:56 / Comedy / 2008

How do you make the greenest movie of all time? Is there more to the environmental movement than buying carbon offsets? Drive your hybrid to the theatre, bring your own container full of organic popcorn with vegan butter substitute, watch "The Green Film" and find out.

Luton International Film Festival 2008 (UK)
Tribeca Film Festival 2009 (USA)
Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival 2009 (Canada)

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David Alapont & Luis Briceno / France / 12:55 / Animation / 2009

The near future, in a stylized black-and-white universe, the world seems to be working efficiently in a controlled way. Society managed to correct its mistakes and make life more comfortable.

Multivision: International Festival of Animation Arts 2009 (Russia) Grand Prix
Montreal World Film Festival 2009 (Canada)
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2010 (France) Best Animation (National Competition)

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Out of the Blue
Michael Lavelle / Ireland / 9:20 / Fantasy / 2008

A lonely man's life is suddenly transformed when he finds a television washed up on the beach and takes it home only to discover that there is a mermaid trapped inside.

London Independent Film Festival 2009 (UK) Best International Short Film
Rhode Island International Film Festival 2009 (USA) Grand Prix for Best Cinematography
Toronto Independent Film Festival 2009 (Canada) Best Short Comedy/Best No-Dialogue Short

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Eldar Rapaport / USA / 15:30 / Drama / 2009

Two men in a steam room wearing nothing but a towel have a brief but passionate encounter. They then realize that they can't get out. A modern take on Sartre's "NO EXIT," the men move between anxiety, fear, and finally revelation. Are they in heaven? Is this hell? How did they get here? Why?

Cardiff Iris Prize Film Festival 2009 (UK) Iris Prize (Best Short)
Madrid LesGaiCineMad 2009 (Spain) Jury Award
Cleveland International Film Festival 2010 (USA)

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Melvin Montalban / Australia / 14:30 / Comedy / 2009

Since ancient times, Cupid has ignited the spark of desire for all of humankind. Until one fateful night when Cupid decides to help out a hapless Roman, he unwittingly falls prey to his own magic and is locked into a desperate contest for the heart of the beautiful Lauren.

Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2009 (USA)
Raindance Film Festival 2009 (UK)
Sedona International Film Festival 2010 (USA)

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The Employment
Santiago `Bou' Grasso / Argentina / 6:20 / Animation / 2008

A man takes his usual trip to work, immersed in a world where the use of people as objects is routine.

Bolzano Short Film Festival 2008 (Italy) Special Jury Award/Audience Award/Youth Jury Award
Annecy International Animation Festival 2009 (France) FIPRESCI Award
Anim'est: International Festival of Animated Film 2009 (Romania)

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The Hirosaki Players
Jeff Sousa / USA / 19:20 / Drama / 2009

Opening night, a Japanese playwright under pressure struggles with his aging, arrogant actor-father for control of the play and their relationship. The father cuts down his son's script to save himself the embarrassment of wearing an earpiece on stage, triggering a battle of wills.

5th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival 2009 (USA)
Independent Film Festival Boston 2010 (USA)
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2010 (USA)