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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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Asia International & Japan Program-C

Program ID June 14th Mon Brillia Short Shorts Theater 10:45 - 12:35
June 17th Thu Laforet Museum Harajuku 15:30 - 17:20
June 19th Sat Brillia Short Shorts Theater 17:10 - 19:00
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Long Li / China / 5:40 / Experimental / 2009

The sickroom is a place where people who are ill go to receive treatment. It represents an abnormally over-developed city. Though it seems peaceful and well-managed, it is just an illusion. Our city is very ill. It is forced to have treatment, just like patients in a hospital.

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Michael Latham / Australia / 11:52 / Comedy / 2009

With the speed and grace of a middle aged man, Gary navigates his cart through a giant warehouse, only to encounter a defiantly misplaced box. Gary's desire to organize and neatly shelve the box leads him to discover that there is something strange in the box...

Flickerfest International Film Festival 2009 (Australia)
Munich International Festival of Film Schools 2009 (Germany) ARTE Award
Sydney International Film Festival 2009 (Australia)

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Shooting Star
Lili Cabrera & Velerio Veneras / Spain / 10:00 / Drama / 2009

On his birthday, Sebastian is surprised by his girlfriend and his best friend with a cake. When he tries to blow the candles out one of them withstands. That last candle will seal his fate.

Cinemalaga Short Film Festival 2009 (Spain) Best Soundtrack Award
La Laguna University Short Film Festival 2009 (Spain) Special Mention
Istanbul International Film Festival 2009 (Turkey)

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Juan Jose Medina / Mexico / 10:00 / Animation / 2009

A hostile environment is difficult to overcome for two misfits. A cycle of abuse and exploitation in the midst of desolation.

Huesca International Film Festival 2008 (Spain) Best Animated Award
Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2009 (USA) Best Animated Film
Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico 2009

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Customer Support
Andre Ovredal / Norway / 5:00 / Comedy / 2009

When a door doesn't open, she calls customer support. A satire of our world of automatic devices where manual use is being substituted with technology that requires no thought by its users.

Norwegian Short Film Festival 2009
Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities Film Festival 2009 (Iceland)

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Jon Goldman / USA / 9:00 / Comedy / 2009

When US and Iranian officials meet for diplomatic talks, their interpreters try to keep negotiations going but soon find themselves making policy changes beyond their authority. As tempers flare and misunderstandings grow, the interpreters struggle to keep their good intentions from having catastrophic consequences.

Paris International Film Festival 2009 (France) Audience Award
Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2009 (USA)
Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2010 (USA)

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Juraj Krasnohorsky / Slovakia / 15:00 / Comedy / 2009

A couple enter their apartment after a night out. After a short while another couple also enters their apartment. They all are equally convinced that a) they are at home and b) they were the first to be there. After a short while a third couple enters the same apartment...

Art Film Fest 2009 (Slovakia)
Cinematik International Film Festival Pieaeany 2009 (Slovakia)

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Katia Grivot / France / 16:20 / Romance / 2008

70-year-old Max is suffering from loss of memory. To help him remember things, his wife puts "memos" in his path. Sunday excursion exercises the memory of love.

Cleveland International Film Festival 2009 (USA)
Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2009 (USA)
HD Fest 2009 (USA) Best Dramatic Short Film