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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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International Program

Program ID June 15th Tue Brillia Short Shorts Theater 10:45 - 12:35
June 17th Thu Brillia Short Shorts Theater 17:10 - 19:00
June 19th Sat Laforet Museum Harajuku 19:50 - 21:40
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The Bill
Peter Wedel / Germany / 4:25 / Comedy / 2009

Three friends meet in a bar and start talking about their lives. Cars, holidays, energy, and diet represent a colorful range of "climate sins". With the appearance of the barmaid, the film takes a surprising change of course…

Environmental & Nature Film Festival 2009 (Germany)
Nature Days Bremen 2009 (Germany) Jury Prize

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Thomas Korthals Altes / Netherlands / 10:30 / Drama / 2008

Vera is a lonely museum curator. One cold winter evening, she finds a homeless man sleeping in her doorway at home. She decides to take care of him. First, she gives him a blanket. Then using chocolate to initiate communication, she strikes up a dialogue.

Dutch Film Festival 2008 (Netherlands)

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Aaron Hughes / USA / 4:30 / Animation / 2009

A love story so backwards, it has to be told in reverse.

Short Short Story Film Festival 2009 (USA) Grand Jury Award
CortoDrome International Independent Short Film Festival 2009 (Italy) Audience Award
Woodstock Film Festival 2009 (USA) Honorable Mention (Animation)

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Chris Roche / UK / 7:30 / Drama / 2009

10-year-old Connor returns from a holiday with his parents. At the airport he crosses paths with a mysterious man and the two of them have a transformational effect on each other's lives. This is a film about transitions, of a young boy and also of people passing through a country's borders.

Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2009 (USA)
Notting Hills Film Festival 2009 (UK)
Rhode Island International Film Festival 2009 (USA)

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Valdimar Johannsson / Iceland / 12:42 / Drama / 2008

Due to an accident, the life of a happy family turns into a larger-than-life tragedy. Based on a Brothers Grimm tale.

Montreal World Film Festival 2008 (Canada)
Reykjavik International Film Festival 2008 (Iceland)
Asiana International Short Film Festival 2009 (South Korea)

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Geza M. Toth / Hungary / 9:17 / Animation / 2009

A tale of a worldwide hanging out.

Hungarian Film Week 2009 Short Film Category Prize
Braunschweig International Festival 2009 (Germany) Best Music Award
Estida & Anima Film Festival 2009 (Poland) Special Jury Award

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The Meeting
Jerome de Gerlache / France / 9:50 / Comedy / 2009

Robert Prune is looking for a job and has an appointment for an interview. At a crucial moment, he notices that he forgot something very important in order to look perfect. Will he make it back in time for his appointment? Lots of ambushes await him on his high-speed return!

Cine Globe 2010 (Switzerland)

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The Day I Grew Up
Martti Helde / Estonia / 23:17 / Drama / 2008

Priidik has his first day of school coming up. His single father is trying to prepare him for it. Priidik finds an old book in his grandpa's antique shop that can magically fix things. After reviving a dead butterfly, he wants to say good-bye to his lost mom.

BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2009 (Denmark)