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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Presents  - Autumn Screening 2017-


Short Films starring Dan Stevens (“Beauty and the Beast”), Tom Hughes (“About Time”) and Naomi Scott (“Power Rangers”) screening for Japan Premiere!
Featuring Seminar Guest Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Mon, Oct. 16 to Wed, Oct. 18 @ Andaz
Thu,  Oct. 19 to Sun, Oct. 22 @ Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography


Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), a qualifying film festival for the annual Academy Awards® and one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals, will hold “Autumn Screening 2017” (Co-organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) in association with the 30th edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival. The event will be held over two venues: Andaz Tokyo <October 16 (Wed) to 18 (Wed)> and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography <October 19 (Thu) to 22 (Sun)>.


About 50 short films will be screened at this annual event aimed at spreading the word of short film and supporting up-and-coming filmmakers. The lineup includes SSFF & ASIA 2017 Grand Prix winner “Sugar and Spice”, shorts having their Japan premiere starring popular British actors, Ichizo Itami (Juzo Itami)’s rare short debut “Rubber Band Pistol” and “Lies” by Naomi Kawase. Shorts by young rising Japanese directors such as Kentaro Hagiwara who directed his first feature film “Tokyo Ghoul”, and Daigo Matsui who has been directing various films and music videos, are also in the programs.


You can enjoy a selection of these in each of the free 90-minute programs. Other various events will be hosted, including a seminar for creators led by film director Kiyoshi Kurosawa on October 22 (Sun).


■ Event name: Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia –Autumn Screening 2017-
■ Dates: October 16 (Mon) ~ 22 (Sun)
※Dates vary according to the venue
■ Venues: Andaz Tokyo <October 16 (Mon) to 18 (Wed)>
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
<October 19 (Thu) to 22 (Sun)>
■ Organizer: Committee for Short Shorts Asia
■ Co-organizer: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
■ Website:
■ Admission: Free admission for all screenings ※Excluding selected events
■ General Public Enquiries: 03-5474-8844