Screening program

Award Winning Shorts Program 1

Heartwarming stories about Family.

Four films including the short film with the Best Actor Award winner at SSFF & ASIA 2021 will be screened. Stories of love & the family that will move your heart.

Award Winning Shorts Program 2

To think about what is important in your life.

Five films including the SSFF & ASIA 2021 Japan Competition Best Short Award winning film. Home, family, loved ones...the importance of the things that are closest to your heart.

Award Winning Shorts Program 3

For those who want to feel the thrill and get excited.

Four films, inlcuding the film that had the most views on the online theater, will take you on a journey that is both exciting and thrilling!

Award Winning Shorts Program 4

To think about the current social issues and its future.

Destruction of the environment, social gaps, and conflicts between people. These are just some of the events that are happening around us and these films will start to make you reflect those social issues. SSFF & ASIA 2021 George Lucas Award (Grand Prix) winner is screened in this program.

Award Winning Shorts Program 5

For those who feel alone.

These four films, including the winner of SSFF & ASIA 2021 International Competition, will tell you how to handle the loneliness and isolation people feel.

Animation Special Selection

Let's enjoy Animations from around the world!

To celebrate the Animation Competition being accredited by the Academy Awards, we select wonderful animations.

Discover Beauty Program

What signifies "Japanese Beauty" to you?

Focusing on female empowerment, we've selected short films depicting the “Beauty of Japan" from the perspective of female directors.

Vertical Theater Program

Vertical Theater Program

Event Information

Guest information


Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia is a qualifying film festival for the annual Academy Awards® and one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia. We will screen selected short films including 2020 George Lucus Award (Grand-prix) winner
Panel discussion with authors who have extracted the essence hidden in various parts of Japan and sublimate it into a short story as well as a short film program titled "Discover Beauty" are presented. The two events are sponsored by FY 2020 Japan Cultural Expo Project Presented and Co-presented by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, and Japan Arts Council. The talk seminar by film director Rikiya Imaizumi will also be held.



Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2022 shortlist (1st)
Starting this month, we will announce a shortlist from among the submitted films that will be nominated for the five Academy Awards® eligible categories, (Official Competition supported by Sony:International, Asia International, Japan and Animation & Non-fiction) at the Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia 2022. In August, we received a total of about 1,000 entries. […]


2nd Edition for the Branded Shorts 2022 Short List!
We have announced the second batch of shortlisted works for Branded Shorts of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022.Branded Shorts started accepting entries from August. We will be listing the shortlist every month till next February, announcing the nominees in April.We had selected shortlists from domestic companies this month. Most of them were […]


Screening in Autumn: Day 3
Many people came to see the screening at Tokyo Photographic Museum on Sunny autumn Saturday. It’s always good to hear that the audience clapped for each works and discuss their thoughts after the screening. We had Online Seminar about NFT and Filmmaking with Shinichiro Ishikawa, CEO of animation production GONZO at night (This seminar was […]


Screening in Autumn : Day 2
It was rainy day, Tokyo (10/23), but many audience enjoyed the screening of SSFF 2021 award winning short films on the big screen of Tokyo Photographic Museum. For the Award Program 2, Rina Hoshino who stared in “And Then” came and for the “Discover Beauty Program”, Miyuki Matsuda who directed “People of Prayer” came to […]


SSFF & ASIA Screening in Autumn has officially stated screening today!!
SSFF & ASIA Screening in Autumn has officially stated screening today!! We have screened program Award 5 at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Even though it was a weekday, people came to see our programs. Trumpet by Kevin HaefelinUnder the Heavens by Gustavo MilanShakespeare in Tokyo by Genevieve Clay-SmithShut Up by Noa Aharoni Maor It’s always […]


Programming Director of SSFF & ASIA has become a Jury Member of Tehran International Short Film Festival
Tehran International Short Film Festival has announced Jury members for its 38th festival and our programming director Shoko Takegasa has assumed office. The festival has become an Oscar(R) qualifying film festival from this year and more than 6400 short films had been submitted from over 120 countries & regions. The screening schedule will be announced […]


SSFF &ASIA Special Screening in Malaysia 2021!
SSFF &ASIA Special Screening in Malaysia! This will be our 12th event held in Sarawak, Malaysia. Date: November 6th, 2021 Venue:  MAJLIS BANDARAYA KUCHING SELATAN (MBKS Auditorium) Jalan Padungan 93675 Kuching, Sarawak We will be screening 12 of our SSFF&ASIA 2021 nominated films and a Q&A session with filmmaker, Nadira Ilana, who directed “Were the Sun and […]


SSFF Films will be Screened at the Japan Film Festival in Singapore!
From October 7th till October 17th two films from SSFF will be screened at the Japan Film Festival in Singapore. On October 16th, “STORY OF SHAHRYAR” directed by Daishi Kato, which was produced as Book Shorts Project Special Short Film in 2020, and “IDOL” directed by Ryushi Lindsay, which was a nominee of the SSFF & […]


This Year’s Award-Winning Films Will Be Available Online, At the SSFF & ASIA 2021 Screening in Autumn From October 1st!
The Academy Awards® accredited Asia’s one of the largest international short film festivals, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) starts Screening in Autumn on October 1st . Online Venue : The SSFF & ASIA 2021 George Lucas Award (Grand Prix) and Official Competition supported by Sony Best Short Awards winning films, […]


First look at the Branded Shorts’ Short List!
Today, Branded Shorts, the festival’s feature program for corporate branding movies, announced the first 5 films on its shortlist of nominees for the 2022 festival. The shortlist will be announced every month until the deadline in February 2022, and the final nominees will be selected and announced in April 2022. There are many films submitted […]