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Sports Program

Presenting films themed on sports such as tennis, swimming, and marathon. The power of sports can help individuals grow, bring world peace, and change society!
The films in this program will be screened at Shibuya Stream TORQUE SPICE & HERB, TABLE & COURT. There are no advanced reservations for tickets to screenings at the “TORQUE” venue. Tickets for screenings at TORQUE will be issued on the day of the screening at the venue on a 1st come, 1st served basis starting at 19:10.

En Garde!

Daniels Joffe/0:12:50/Latvia/Drama/2017

A story of a young fencer on his way to manhood, wrestling with fears and a feeling of guilt, after the loss of an important adult.


Fly to the Dream - JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge

Takahisa Shiraishi/0:16:53/Japan, USA/Documentary/2018

Four junior wheelchair-tennis players leave for Los Angeles, USA. The challenge of leaving home to play away overseas makes them grow. And through the competition, they experience the cultures of different countries and meet new friends.


The Marathon Diary

Hanne Berkaak/0:07:33/Norway/Animation/2015

The coldest race on earth. Always Last embarks on an adventurous marathon through the ice cold landscape of Lapland. But she soon discovers that the run is not going to be a straight line between start and finish. Finally, it is not about winning or losing. The risk is losing yourself.


Twinkle Power To Change

Aftab Abbasi/0:07:36/Pakistan/Documentary/2018

The first ever woman weightlifter from Pakistan to have won a gold medal internationally. Twinkle belongs to the minority Christians of Pakistan and her story is a story of change from one of the most sidelined, marginalized communities.


Whales don't swim

Matthieu Ruyssen/0:21:56/France/Comedy/2020

Yves is the sole target of his bullying classmates. His only refuge is in synchronized swimming, which he practices nightly in secret. But when Charlotte, a fellow classmate and member of the team spies him at the pool, he will no longer be able to hide…

Content, perspective and expression in each film are strictly of the filmmakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and its related parties.